Smaller is Better

It's really that simple!
Take proven nutients and make them smaller.

Scientists have been finding staggering results by delivering nano-nutrients to plants. Research has shown an increase in overall plant health, improved root structure, lower branching, and increased flowering.

What's more amazing is these plants are being fed on 1/1000th of the nutrients used by their less impressive counterparts.

So we asked the question "Can this technology work on sports supplements for athletes?"

So will it work for Sports Supplements?
Darn right it can, and we've done it!

We take basic nutritients, make them smaller, deliver them faster and more effectively than anyone in the market!

We have not discovered a new supplement or created magical powder to add to your water. We've simply taken basic nutrients already being used by athletes to increase energy, help with muscle recovery and provided electrolyte replenishment and made them smaller to deliver them faster and more effective.

Just like our ingredients it's that simple.

Yes but does it work?
Daily DMs from our customers saying "This is *@*$#$! AMAZING!" Lets us know it does!

Our CEO is our Biggest Believer!

"I'm improving my speed, losing fat and increasing my strength everyday! I am a believer!

I guarantee you will see results with NanoHydr8 or I will give you your money back!" 


Sip It or Pound It

No matter if you sip your NanoHydr8 in a water bottle or throw it back in a 4oz shooter you will get the rapid nutrient uptake you expect from our products. Take a look at the simple effective ingredients that are inside every bottle.

The concentrate is perfect for a team or indavidual.

For the individual: Pour 2 caps of concentrate into a 24oz water bottle and fill with water. Shake and enjoy.

Makes 16 - 24oz bottles!

For the team: Empty 1 bottle of 32oz concentrate in to a 5 gallon igloo, add ice and enjoy! 

Shooters for the individual: Open the shooter bottle, place to lips, tip back and pour down throat!

Each shooter box comes with 6 - 4oz shooters.