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Our Story

We hear about a new pre-workout drink every other day. They are all endorsed by some celebrity, claiming to turn you into Hulks overnight. Nanohydr8 is a small company daring to compete in the massive energy drink market; and they're based out of Orem, Utah. One of the fastest growing fields of technology that is impacting our lives in a variety of ways is nanotechnology. From medicines to electronics and further to food and clean water, it is being used in diverse fields to provide us with a better experience.

The science of nanotechnology used to create Nanohydr8 is no less than the technology used for making missiles. It is an exotic blend of science and nature, which gives you the raw power to go on and on and on.

Founder, Adam Legas, has never backed down from a challenge.  He has been competing at a high level since he was featured in Sports Illustrated at 12 years old for holding the World Junior Record in the decathlon.

As a businessman, he built the world’s largest Combat Sports Facility (also in Orem) and has competed in combat sports his whole life.  His fighting spirit motivated him to develop Nanohydr8 using nanotechnology.

After stumbling across studies done by agricultural scientists and reading the results achieved through nanotechnology on plants and animals, Adam had an idea. The advantage of nanoparticles is that they can mix with the bloodstream directly without having to go through the normal process of digestion and absorption. This is where Nanohydr8 beats ALL other energy drinks in terms of the fast action that it provides by reaching the muscle cells rapidly. It also replenishes the lost fluids and energy in a balanced manner without giving any jolt to the body.

Nanonutrients in Nanohydr8 are absorbed into the body with very little if any, resistance much like how water is. The result is fewer nutrients being wasted as they are passed to the areas that need them resulting in better hydration during workouts and heavy sports activity. This means potentially fewer cramps, less soreness after a rigorous workout, and generally better performance at peak times.

With the help of his father, who was at the time the Girls Track and Cross Country Coach at BYU, along with several other world-class coaches and scientists, Adam developed the original Nanohydr8 formula with the right mix of electrolytes and BCAAs, enhanced dramatically with the power of the nanotechnology they had acquired.

The results have been undeniable. Numerous elite athletes now swear by its effectiveness. Countless national championships and record-breaking performances have been achieved by athletes that have used Nanohydr8 as their only sports drink over the last 5 years.

They have been a bootstrap operation since the beginning; Adam used his life savings to acquire the equipment and exclusive rights to use nanotechnology for human performance. The team at Nanohydr8 have now begun looking for investors to help educate the national market on the effectiveness of Nanohydr8.