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Our Story

We're Obsessed with performance

Nanohydr8 is the culmination of 10 years of scientific study, which showed incredible results in plants and animals. We then began testing it in labs with humans, using basic, proven nutrients. The results were just as impressive.

Our nanotechnology allows us to break down essential nutrients, like electrolytes, and achieve absorption in 1-2 minutes compared to 1-2 hours with typical electrolytes dissolved in water. Not only was the absorption much faster, but it absorbed into every cell, compared to partial absorption through traditional methods.

Nano-Technology is the Future

When top doctors of sports medicine and Olympic level track coaches work closely with a company to create their latest product, the results are always extraordinary.

This 4 ounce shooter contains all essential nutrients for human performance including electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids and delivers them much faster and more completely than anything in market!

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We Work with top athletes

With the world’s top athletes using these same ingredients to increase energy, help with muscle recovery and provide electrolyte replenishment; we have taken them a step further by making sure that they are delivered faster than any supplement on earth!

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