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How does Nanohydr8 work?

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Nanohydr8 is a revolutionary new product that is designed to keep you hydrated all day long. The unique formula uses exclusive nanotechnology that allows the body to absorb more nutrients, like electrolytes than with any other product.

As a result, you will stay hydrated and feel energetic all day long. Nanohydr8 is also packed with vitamins, trace minerals, and amino acids that help to support peak performance in athletes and promote overall health. 

What’s in Nanohydr8?

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Nanohydr8 is a great-tasting non-GMO electrolyte drink that uses a special formula developed by world-class coaches and sports nutritionists.  It has all the essential electrolytes needed for proper hydration. 

It has BCAA’s, proven performance-enhancing amino acids, and 72 trace minerals taken from an ancient seabed.  It has a full spectrum of B vitamins, CoQ10, and numerous other micronutrients proven to aid in sports performance, but will also help you be more productive at the office or just on a hard day.

Why does Nanohydr8 contain high levels of sodium?

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Sodium is one of the key electrolytes utilized in hydration; potassium and sodium enhance water absorption in the body.

Why does Nanohydr8 contain sugar?

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A few varieties of Nanohydr8 contain a small amount of dextrose.  This is a fast-absorbing carbohydrate that quickly replenishes glycogen stores in the muscles and helps in the absorption of the other nutrients.

What are electrolytes?

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Electrolytes are minerals that ionize when dissolved in water. The primary electrolytes found in Nanohydr8 are sodium and potassium. These two electrolytes are a key reason why Nanohydr8 is so effective in helping your body absorb water, and the other key nutrients needed to be at your best.

Is Nanohydr8 an energy drink?

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Yes.  It has B Vitamins and other non-stimulant sources of energy.  Nanohydr8 also has varying levels of caffeine depending on which you prefer.

Directions for Use

How do I use Nanohydr8?

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Most of our athletes drink a full bottle right before they workout or compete.  Some people like to have another bottle of the caffeine-free version right after a really hard workout or competition to help with recovery.

When should I drink Nanohydr8?

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You should drink a bottle of Nanohydr8, especially before workouts or competitions, but are also great to take when you need to be sharp and at your best for any other activity.

Is it safe to drink Nanohydr8 daily?

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Many of our consumers enjoy Nanohydr8  every day before workouts while traveling, or before any other of life's adventures. 

What is the recommended consumption quantity of Nanohydr8?

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Take one bottle of Nanohydr8 before anything.  Typically they are effective for the whole day, but for some athletes that are working hard and sweating for a long time, we recommend one for every 2 to 3 hours of strenuous exercise.

Is Nanohydr8 for everyone?

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Nanohydr8 is practically for everyone. Whether you use Nanohydr8  to stay hydrated during and after tough workouts, Or for an extra boost, our customers are from all walks of life and activity levels.

If you have a specific health concern, please talk to your doctor.  Young children before puberty, and pregnant or nursing mothers should avoid the caffeine versions.

Can I drink Nanohydr8 if I’m pregnant or nursing?

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We recommend taking the caffeine-free version when pregnant or nursing.

Is Nanohydr8 safe for kids?

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Caffeine-free Nanohydr8 is safe and recommended for kids.

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