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The Secret’s in the Technology

Nanohydr8 features game-changing performance technology for game-changing results.

Enhanced Bioavailability

Easily absorbed into every cell in your body.

Feel It Fast

Find your edge in minutes.

Revolutionary Technology

Essential nutrients 100x more effective than the competition.

Which Nanohydr8 Is for You?

From focus to hydration to performance, Nanohydr8 helps you achieve every goal. 

How Can Nanohydr8 Elevate Your Game?

Nanohydr8 was developed for elite athletes from all walks of life. Whether you’re chasing PRs in the gym or have championship dreams, you need support to help you focus, perform, and recover at your very best. 

Game-Changing Results Are Here

Pick up Nanohydr8 today and see how it can elevate your performance! 

Nanohydr8 Sets the Standard in Hydration, Performance, and Recovery

See Why Athletes Love Nanohydr8

“After 30 years of coaching All-Americans, Olympians and scores of National Champions, I can absolutely say NanoHydr8 is the best product to come along in my coaching career.”

BYU Coach, Patrick Shane

• Hall of Fame Coach
• 3-Time National Coach of the Year
• USA National Team Coach

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“The only supplement I use. I never go a day without it.”

Utah State QB, Cooper Legas

• Most State Championships in History
• 3 Sport State Champion

Where It All Started

What’s the story of Nanohydr8? See how our founder, Adam Legas, created this revolutionary product. 


Looking to buy some Nanohydr8 at your next grocery stop?

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