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Perform at another gear!
Nanohydr8 has served me well! I use it as part of my pre and intra workout supplements. This new product I have been on for the last 6 workouts. This main reason you have seen me perform at another gear the last 4 days. I have the caffeine free 32oz version Packed full of great ingredients and body will absorb it faster. It hydrates me and I feel great in training! I highly recommend checking them out.

-RaShane, Crossfit

A Tremendous Difference!
"When I do a power tumbling or gym workout, I need that boost of energy to keep up the momentum, and the Nanohydr8 shooter does just that! I take the shooter right as I'm walking into the gym and I can really feel a tremendous difference in the sustained energy and more solid workout it gives me!"

-Candice, Adventurer
Jungle Punch Shooter
No Jitters, No Crash
"Nanohydr8 is my favorite workout supplement! It gives me the energy I need and I don't feel jittery and I don't have a crash. The energy is much more sustained and I don't need to keep taking caffeine for another 'pick me up.'
Plus, I love the way it tastes."

-Laura, 65 and fit as they come!
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Adding this to my workout!
"I tried out Nanohydr8 before my Crossfit workouts and loved it! Tasted awesome, felt great, and no crash after. Fabulous product! For sure adding this into my workout routine!"

-Devrie, Crossfit
NanoHydr8 Concentrate
Hit Mitts Forever!
"I like that Nanohydr8 has everything in one drink! When I'm on it,I feel like I can workout, spar, do my strength and conditioning & hit mitts forever. I notice when I'm off it, I can't get in the workout that I need to compete in this fight game."
-Keola , Muay Thai Fighter
NanoHydr8 Concentrate
I'm A Believer!
This product made me a believer! Nanohydr8 Shooters are a game changer! The combination of electrolytes, BCAA's, and energy blend has my energy level through the roof! I am always coming back for more!

-Dylan, Leukemia Survivor, CrossFit West Covina
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