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How To Become A Nurse Health Coach In 7 Short Months

Numerous opportunities to improve the lives of others exist in a nursing career. Registered nurses may also feel called to perform more even though they play a crucial part in providing care and support. The Nurse Coach Collective provides a revolutionary nurse coaching program for those who wish to have a long-lasting impact on the health of their community. Without needing to spend years in training, this 7-month program gives registered nurses the knowledge and abilities they need to become nurse coaches. You will work with patients as nurse coaches to encourage them to make lifestyle adjustments that will enhance their health. To deliver coordinated care, you will also work with other healthcare professionals. Additionally, one of the highest benefits is the fact that you are going to become one of the most trusted individuals to your patients. 

Why You Should Become A Nurse Health Coach

A nurse health coach's duties extend beyond simply assisting patients with managing their health and wellness and providing them with guidance on creating and implementing healthy lifestyle choices. There are many opportunities available to you after you become a coach.

  1. Strengthen nursing direction

You may create a distinct vision for your nursing team once you've graduated from The Nurse Coach Collective's nurse health coaching program. The team should be informed of this vision, which will be in line with the organization's objectives. Additionally, you'll be able to establish a solid rapport with the medical team. Mutual respect and trust should be the cornerstones of this relationship. You'll see that you may give the nursing staff honest feedback in a timely manner. Your staff may work harder and provide patients with better treatment with the help of your constructive criticism.

  1. Learn About Lifestyle Desing

You are committed to caring for your patients as a nurse. But you could discover that the conventional medical model doesn't always let you give the kind of treatment you'd prefer to. Developing a career as a nurse health coach could be the ideal way to bring your knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm for wellness together if you're seeking for an alternative approach to healthcare.

You will have the chance to assist people in creating healthy lives that suit them as a nurse coach. This can entail educating patients on plant-based diets, mindfulness exercises, and other complementary medical techniques. Additionally, you will be able to offer intense coaching support to assist them in making lifelong improvements.

  1. Launch Your Own Company

Imagine starting a business as a nurse coach straight after you finish the 7-month curriculum at The Nurse Coach Collective. There is a significant need for qualified experts who can assist people in making long-term lifestyle changes in the rapidly expanding field of health coaching. You'll have the technical know-how to provide recommendations based on fact as a nurse coach. If you're prepared to launch your own company, our services can assist you in setting up a practice that will eventually experience a surge in revenue.

transformational certificate program for nursing coaches

Our seven-month certificate program in transformative nurse coaching has the following advantages:

- Implement lifestyle medicine

- Holistically heal your patients

- Rediscover your passion

- Live a life of wellbeing

- Foster community

- Get board certified

The program includes the following, among other things:

- 7-Months online learning and support 

- Dual Board Certification eligibility

- Highly experienced faculty

- Course manual

- Exclusive community

- 120 contact hours

If you pay the entire amount at the time of enrollment in the course, the program will cost you $4,999. It includes lifelong membership, access to the private community, and anything else you would require to flourish as a nurse coach.

There are three sections to the program:

Phase 1 - Paced online learning, where you and your coworkers will learn about various facets of nurse coaching, from the function of a professional nurse coach to accepting responsibility for any errors.

Phase 2 includes more education and a supervised practicum where you may put what you've learned into practice and gain a sense of what your clients can realistically anticipate from you.

Phase 3: Rejoice with your coworkers before Phase 4 The Transformative Nurse Coaches alumni community is open to all members of the Nurse Coach Collective.

You can sit for the board-certified tests for holistic nurse and nurse coach after you pass the exam. The AHNCC is responsible for giving these tests. However, you must first fulfill the requirements of AHNCC.

Nurse coaching may be an empowering and transforming experience for nurses. You can impart your vast clinical knowledge and experience to others while learning new skills and growing your network of contacts. Participating in The Nurse Coach Collective's 7-month program will enable you to become a nurse health coach in less than a year. To learn more about the program, please fill out our contact form. Ensure that today is the fay you take your first steps toward becoming a nurse health coach.