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Get Back Into The Work Game In a Healthy Way

In the hustle and bustle of modern work environments, it's easy to sideline personal health. However, prioritizing health at work is not just about personal well-being—it's a key determinant of productivity, morale, and overall business success.

Firstly, health is a major determinant of performance. Mental and physical well-being directly correlates with one’s ability to concentrate, make decisions, and stay productive. A healthy worker is more alert, energetic, and less likely to make mistakes. Chronic conditions like poor posture, constant exposure to stress, or inadequate nutrition can severely hamper an individual's capability. Which is why products like Nanohydr8 are so much more preferable to other energy drinks, as is shown by the infographic below.

Secondly, healthy practices at work can lead to reduced absenteeism. Workers who engage in regular exercise, eat balanced meals, and prioritize mental health are less prone to sickness. This means fewer sick leaves, ensuring a consistent workflow and reduced disruption.

Moreover, health and morale are intertwined. When employees feel that their well-being is valued, they are likely to be more satisfied and engaged in their roles. A supportive work environment promotes mental well-being, which in turn fosters a positive and collaborative atmosphere.

Additionally, from a financial perspective, the cost of overlooking health is high. Frequent sick days, high turnover rates, and lower productivity levels can be expensive for businesses in the long run.

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Tools and Products To Get Back Into the (Work) Game


People are returning to the office in full force - what new products and tools will they need?


Technology Devices


  • Fast Chargers
        • Ensure all your devices are topped off and ready for the day
        • Perfect for:
          • Long commutes
          • Busy workdays
          • Out-of-office work
        • You can get fast chargers for:
          • Laptops
          • Phones
          • Tablets
          • Headphones
  • Noise Canceling Headphones
        • Focus better on the task at hand
        • 79% of people boost productivity by listening to music at work
        • 23% boost productivity by working in complete silence
        • Popular options for noise-canceling headphones include:
          • Earbuds
          • OTE Headphones
          • Neckbands
  • Posture Trainer
      • Reduces strain on your lower and upper back, leading to less pain and greater focus at work
      • Studies show people using posture trainers can:
        • 85% - Become naturally more aware of their posture
        • 75% - Feel more productive at work
        • 71% - Feel more confident at work
        • 66% - Strengthen core muscles
        • * Percent of respondents
      • Popular posture trainers include:
        • App/wearable combos
        • Elastic braces
        • Padded shirts


    What non-tech tools can boost your productivity?


    Productivity Products


  • Standing Desks
        • Studies show that standing at work can:
          • Relieve spinal pressure by 40%
          • Reduce back pain by 54%
          • Decrease sitting time by 224%
        • Popular posture trainers include: 
          • Adjustable stands
          • Adjustable converters
          • Adjustable tables
  • Exercise Equipment
        • Keep moving even while sitting down to boost your productivity
        • Exercising can improve your work by:
          • Improving concentration (21%)
          • Finishing work on time (22%)
          • Working without unscheduled breaks (22%)
          • Feeling motivated to work (41%)
        • Other desk alternatives include:
          • Pedal ellipticals
          • Under desk bikes
          • Treadmill desk
  • Productivity Timers
      • Adjustable alarm designed to help you stay mindful of the time
        • Supports productivity practices like:
          • Pomodoro method
          • Timeboxing method
          • 5217 method
      • Timer products include:
        • Phone apps
        • Preset timers
        • Time Cubes


    Nootropics can boost your performance naturally


    Performative Nootropics


  • Electrolytes
        • Essential minerals used to power the body
        • More beneficial than energy drinks, sugar, or caffeine as a source of energy
          • No glucose spikes
          • No caffeine jitters
          • No synthetic/artificial ingredients
        • The three most common electrolytes are:
          • Sodium
          • Potassium
          • Chloride
        • Available in:
          • Powders
          • Liquids
          • Capsules
  • Nanotechnology
        • Designed to optimize nutrient thermal stability and oral bioavailability
          • Makes nutrient delivery smoother and more effective
        • Vitamins and minerals delivered through nano-droplets are easier for the body to catalyze during the day 
        • Available in:
          • Spray-dispersed nano-droplets
          • Nano-encapsulated vitamins
          • Deodorants, sunscreens, and toothpastes
  • Nanohydr8
      • First-ever beverage using nanotechnology
      • Contains both electrolytes and nanotechnology to ensure nutrient deliverability
      • Achieve nutrient absorption in just 1-2 minutes
        • Compared to 1-2 hours with typical electrolytes 
      • What's inside:
        • Extreme - 250mg of caffeine
        • 100 - 100mg of caffeine
        • Triple Zero - 0mg of caffeine
        • Concentrates - 0mg - 100mg of caffeine


    As we return to the office, let's use a new array of tools to increase productivity