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The average age for life expectancy rose to nearly 80 years old recently. Doesn't it make sense to spend all of those years having fun?

Just because someone is over the age of 65 doesn't mean they have to stop having fun. There are plenty of activities for the elderly that get the moving, help them socialize, and even possibly keep dementia at bay.

Check out all the ways you can have fun with your older friends and family!

Explore Old and New Hobbies

You're never too old to pick up a new hobby. It's never to late to learn about your friend or family member's favorite activity.

Seniors with good mobility and stamina might enjoy hiking, fishing, or bird watching. Outdoor activities at home could include things like gardening or swimming.

Learning new recipes in a cooking class or joining a book club are great ideas too.

Puzzles and Games

Seniors enjoy all kinds of games and puzzles. Crossword puzzles alone, board games with others, or even online video games keep them engaged and entertained.

Looking for a challenge? Doing an escape room is a perfect activity for the whole family!

Sports for All Activity Levels

Active seniors have a variety of sports they can try their hand at. There's something for people of all activity levels.

Golf is relaxing, outdoors, and doesn't demand too much physical activity. Mini golf can be fun, too, and perfect for younger family members to join in.

Biking and swimming can be as challenging as they want it to be. If they can't decide, enrolling in different exercise classes still keeps them moving.

Arts and Performances

Seniors that feel the urge to create something long-lasting should look into the arts. Explore different creative outlets to see what works best.

Dancing keeps seniors active and can even turn into a competitive sport. Painting or drawing can be done inside or outdoors and produces beautiful artwork to keep or give as gifts.

Playing music keeps the mind sharp. Join a band for a sense of friendship or camaraderie.

Celebrate Holidays

Holidays call for extra special activities. Make them memorable by going above and beyond to celebrate them.

Go all out on your favorite holidays and dive deep into the tradition and meaning behind them. Find holidays around the world and take the time to learn more about other cultures and their celebrations, too.

Charity Work

You get as much as you give when you do charitable works. There are opportunities to give back to the community for all seniors of all activity levels.

Homebound seniors can look into sewing clothes or writing letters for charity. More active seniors can organize fundraising events or work at animal shelters.

Fun Activities for the Elderly

Having fun, being social, and doing activities doesn't end when you hit a certain age. There are tons of activities for the elderly that they can do alone or with friends and family.

Know a senior that needs to get out more? Suggest one of these fun ideas.

Discover more opportunities to have fun -- check out all of the events under our family tab!