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Skip the Ab Workout ► Do Core Muscle Exercises Instead


More than abs, core muscles can be more powerful than the abs. Here's why. Why? Core muscles are essential to everyday activities. Even though core muscles are so important, many people don’t know what they are. Even worse, many people believe that flat stomachs or chiseled abdominals signify a strong core. However, these images are not realistic.

This post will educate you on what your core really is, why core exercises are essential and which ones really work, and why standalone ab workouts aren’t really what you should do.

What exactly are Core Muscles and how do they work?

The core of your body is made up the muscles located in the middle section. Your core is your abdomen, stomach area, middle and lower backs, hips, glutes (butt muscle), and hips. You have your transverse abdominals, multifidus and pelvic floor muscles. 

Given how many muscles make up your core, it’s no wonder why this muscle group is so important not just for sports performance but even for everyday health. 

woman performing standing core exercise

Why is it important to have strong core muscles

Your core muscles are used in nearly every activity. The core muscles allow you to pick up things and maintain your posture. They also help with running and other physical activities. The likelihood of experiencing back pain is decreased if you have strong core muscles, particularly in the lower back. 

Every activity you take part in relies on your core muscles. Make sure to do core exercises.

The Best Core Exercises

These are the five most effective core exercises:


These are some ideas plank variations





Russian Twist


Leg Raises


Take a look at the 10 Best Core ExercisesTo learn more about the exercise and to complete five additional core exercises, click here! 

You can follow this core training for 16 minutes!


How Ab Workouts Are a Time Waste

You may have noticed that this post hasn’t mentioned building washboard abs or flat stomachs yet. People believe core muscles and abs are synonymous. Although having a mythological set can signify strong core muscles and abs, this is not a guarantee that your abs will be there.

Every day, we are bombarded daily with images of celebrities sporting chiseled bodies and people who look super-fit. It’s no wonder so many people think having abs will mean they are instantly attractive and healthy. But being able to actually see your abs is mostly a function of low body fat, ab toning exercises that don’t build functional muscle, and even dangerous practices like intentional dehydration.

Abs workouts such as crunches, sit-ups and crunchers only tone the abdomen muscles. Furthermore, these workouts don’t actually build functional muscle—the kind of muscle you need to live pain-free and do the things you want to do like picking up stuff (or kids) or setting a PR in your next half-marathon. Abs workouts are actually strain. underdeveloped back musclesInjuries or severe back pain can result.

These planks will also help build strong, healthy back muscles.


Don’t waste your time with vanity ab workouts and exercises. Do the exercises above to develop functional core strength.

How to get flat stomach

You want it so bad! get a flat stomachEven though core muscle building is what you need to be doing, it's not the right thing. Here’s how you can do it in the least amount of time:

Are any of these things realistic, feasible, fun, or healthy? Don’t mistake vanity for healthYou can see your abs. Just because you can see your abs and they look defined doesn’t mean you have strong core muscles or are healthy. Insta-abs are not worth the time. Instead, build core muscles. butt musclesOr even chest muscles insteadIt's possible!

Get the truth about abs!

Why You Don’t Need Rock-Hard Abs or a Flat Stomach

We all succumb to unrealistic body images like flat stomachs or abs. We should not be focusing on the images we see of fit and healthy people in media. You should focus on building core muscles and functional muscles that make your life easier, not vanity muscles you believe will help.

Treat yourself: strive for health.

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