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Recommended Exercises for People +55

Exercise is more important in later years to preserve body functioning, especially since many older people live with disabling chronic pain that limits physical activity in a vicious cycle. Trusted healthcare providers can recommend exercise programs tailored for each person’s changing needs and abilities.

Integrative Medicine is a growing choice that, as the name implies, integrates additional forms of care beyond standard conventional medical therapies, often emphasizing the mind-spirit-body connection promoting the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Why We Need Physical Activity and Exercise

The body is an amazing combination of systems that work together to survive. If one system has a problem, the entire body suffers. Movement is part of what keeps the body going by strengthening the heart to pump the blood that distributes the oxygen from the lungs.

Everything in the body is connected, which is why it’s important to keep everything in top shape. The intestines help to absorb nutrients from food. Bones help the body by reinforcing support to the muscles. And muscles that are in shape enable the body to move more efficiently. Physical activity promotes the health of every other system. Unfortunately, aging affects the body's ability to move, meaning that all other systems are slowed. 

The Value of Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine means using current scientific evidence-based best practices along with natural practices of the ancients passed down through generations. Any time a person uses herbs, prayer, acupuncture, pet therapy, or exercise, for example, that is considered integrative medicine. 

These help by employing the best of all kinds of healing to address wellbeing. Visiting chiropractors is also viewed as a version of integrative medicine. Certain chiropractic techniques, such as network spinal analysis, are more holistic than others. Network spinal can be incredibly helpful for seniors that are +55 years old. It's important to proactively support health through different modalities to keep your overall wellness up.

Making Exercise Work for You 

Exercise is work, but you can make it work for you. When communicating with your healthcare provider, make it clear what your focus of concern is. Be comfortable by wearing soft, loose clothing. Make sure you’ve gone to the bathroom first. Ensure that you’re hydrated and nourished. Many people take pain medication an hour in advance of exercise. Play music to give yourself a beat!

Scientifically Proven Benefits of Chiropractic

Without trying to replace patients' medical doctors, chiropractic has demonstrated itself to be a powerful adjunct in the care of older adults. Many patients come to consider their chiropractors as part of their community family. Here are just a few highlights:

 • Cost-effectiveness 

 • Non-invasive treatment, also often reducing the need for surgery

 • Non-pharmacological treatment

 • Benefits for several kinds of pain relief

 • Often improved clinical outcomes reducing episodes of need for care

 • Protective effect

 • Less stress because of small, comfortable offices with familiar staff

 • High overall satisfaction rate

An Exercise Overview

Exercises can be modified as needed and without causing pain. If certain body parts don't function normally, they can be assisted in a passive range of motion designed to flex the joints so they remain mobile. The CDC basically emphasizes to "MOVE MORE AND SIT LESS".

The right kind of regular exercise is good for your entire well-being. You’re most likely to stay with it when it feels good--when it’s easy to remember how to do it, when it’s comfortable to do, and when you enjoy it. Ask one of your healthcare providers for recommendations. Finally, remember two things. First, your provider is your coach. Second, have fun.