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Instead of 'Rest in Peace,' COVID Obits Become War of Words


The State Journal Register: “Candace Cay Ayers.”

The Washington Post: “Alabama man dies after being turned away from 43 hospitals as covid packs ICUs, family says.”

YouTube: “A Florida Family’s Plea: Get Vaccinated Before It’s Too Late.”

JMIR Infodemiology: “Desensitization to Fear-Inducing COVID-19 Health News on Twitter: Observational Study.”

Parler: @LauraLoomer, Dec. 30, 2020.

Insider: “Right-wing activist Laura Loomer, who once said 'bad fajitas' were worse than COVID-19, has tested positive and says she's in 'so much pain.’”

Josh Pasek, PhD, associate professor of Communication & Media and Political Science, University of Michigan.

Reddit: “Herman Cain Awards.”

Twitter: @TheHermanCainAward.

WKYT: “Kentucky firefighter dies from COVID-19.”

Carolyn McFarlane, MD, hospitalist, Saint Alphonsus Boise, ID.

ABC News: “Even on their death beds, some COVID-19 patients in Idaho still reject vaccination.” “Mary Knight.”