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COVID-19 and the Global Predators


In this interview, Dr. Peter Breggin — known as “the conscience of psychiatry” for his instrumental role in preventing the return of lobotomy as a psychiatric treatment in the early 1970s — discusses his latest book, “COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey,” available on

There’s no doubt anymore that we are in the middle of the biggest, most effective propaganda war in the history of the world. There is nothing that comes even close. A mass psychosis developed as a result. Many people who were normally rational have lost the ability to reason. You can show them reams of solid indisputable information and they’ll simply refuse to believe any of it. What’s at the heart of this mass psychosis? Breggin explains:

“It's extremely important to get over this attempt to make us all helpless, obedient and docile. This must be understood. On the other hand, we have to understand the mechanisms for this [manipulation] … It's a subtle reign of terror … We're looking at a revolution against us that wants to make us feel helpless like children.

We often work with people who have been severely abused by their parents but are not able to confront it. They can't identify it as evil … We can't bear to think there are people out to harm us and manipulate us. You can't bear to think there are people different from us — people who actually take pleasure from injury and domination …

So, I want to identify first who these people are. Is this who's trying to do this? We need to be honest with ourselves and let go of any notions that it is chance or a coincidence.

How does it make sense that they're absolutely ignoring the fact that, in America, we now have over 14,000 reports of deaths from the [COVID] ‘vaccine’ and no one is investigating it? There is nothing being done. In the years before this, if a vaccine had more than 20 or 30 [deaths], and certainly over 100, it would be a catastrophe.

This vaccine is responsible for more deaths than all other vaccines combined. We can't ignore this fact. On the other hand, we get all these huge [falsely inflated] numbers of deaths from COVID-19 … So, we're looking at this situation and [asking] is that crazy?

It makes complete sense. You exaggerate danger when you try to overwhelm or intimidate a population. You take a flu-like illness that is safer than the flu in terms of how it spares children and young adults and attacks people my age, I'm 85. [It’s] killing people who are already past their predicted lifespan. So, you take this relatively benign epidemic and make it into a horror show by exaggerating everything.”

What’s the Goal?

Answering the following question is essential: What's the goal? The goal can be determined by what we already know. We know:

Health leaders are ignoring COVID jab injuries and deaths

They do not want anyone to use early treatment. They’ve done everything in their power to dismiss and vilify any and all potential treatments, from vitamin D to hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin

Western countries that have been icons of freedom and liberty are being hit the hardest by the pandemic and put under the harshest countermeasures

The risk of dying from COVID-19 is less than 0.5% for all but the very old who have multiple comorbidities

Vaccine makers have no financial liability for vaccine injuries and deaths

Government started out enticing people to get the experimental shot using a variety of bribes, then moved on to forcing the shots using threats such as loss of employment, higher health insurance rates, loss of travel privileges, loss of right to health care in general and more

The PCR test cannot be used to diagnose COVID-19; the FDA recalled the Innova Antigen Rapid Test in mid-June 20211 and the CDC has withdrawn the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization of the CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel, as of December 31, 2021,2 due to its inaccuracy

What do these facts, taken together, tell us? What are “the powers that be” getting out of this? Breggin explains:

“The spike protein is the spearhead of an assault on humanity. That has nothing to do with COVID-19 whatsoever, but is planned through COVID-19 in order to vastly increase the wealth of numerous institutions and individuals … many of them unfortunately originating from America, who are working in collaboration with the communist, Chinese Communist Party, to increase this vast exploitation of the world …

The Chinese have been sinking their teeth into us for a long time, because we are the seat of liberty in this world ... So, it all begins to make sense … The forces are most locked into those of us who are now free, and they're aiming to destroy us. This is terrifying, but it shouldn't make you … helpless. It should rouse you to look with reason at what is happening in the world.”

The Decade of Vaccines

In 2010, Bill Gates announced “the decade of vaccines.” A partner in that declaration was Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), as well as a number of other globalists, including the United Nations.

We have COVID-19 now a decade later. It's a strange coincidence. In 2015, a scientific paper3 assured that gain-of-function researchers had the means to create a pandemic. Two top Chinese researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, (WIV), carried out this research funded by NIAID. Breggin claims that all Chinese scientists are working for the Chinese Communist Party.

“It's called military civil fusion,” Breggin says. “They all work together … That's the nature of the totalitarian state. Fauci knew he was financing a pandemic virus, even though most people don't know this.

In fact, in the last few days, it's come out from his emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request … that he actually gave them instructions for how to combine … several SARS-Cov-type virus systems to make an actual source code.”

COVID Shot Failure Was Entirely Predictable

According to Breggin, the CCP has been working with SARS-CoV-type viruses since at least 2003, and there have been four different leaks of SARS viruses since then.

“So here we have China and America making what are essentially biological weapons, the excuse being, ‘We're going to make vaccines.’ But … the vaccines aren't going to work and they know it, because the coronavirus mutates all the time.

So, if you make a vaccine for the Chinese virus, it’s not going to last long because it'll just help force these mutations to come out because if you're suppressing [strain] of a virus, then one of the many others that are floating around will take its place …”

Bill Gates’ Pandemic Business Plan

The failure of the COVID shots was predicted by many physicians and scientists well before the middle of 2020, and there’s virtually no chance the vaccine makers were unaware of the many objections brought forth, and the scientific rationale behind them.

“So, Bill Gates knows, in 2015, that a pandemic virus can be made and [that] labs in China and the U.S. are collaborating and he knows Fauci, who’s been his key guy since at least 2010. Gates in 2016 creates his business plan. It's not clear how this plan came about. I think it was God just pulling the strings of my fingers, but I pulled out of [Klaus] Schwab's website Bill Gates’ business plan for the world for the next pandemic.

It is approximately 65 pages in length. This document can be found at my website. Go to the coronavirus resource center on and then look for the background materials for the book, and you will become one of the first people in the world outside of the predators to see the business plan they made in 2016.

The business plan describes everything currently happening. In particular, it lays out that Bill Gates will be working with CEPI [Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations], an organization that Gates founded in 2017 — but that he’s describing in 2016 — with Schwab, the man who will eventually announce the Great Reset in 2020 that he’s been working on his whole life.”

In that document linked above, “CEPI Preliminary Business Plan 2017-2021,” it is stated that the drug industry will incur no expenses during the coming pandemic. All costs including indirect will be covered. Another document details the huge profits that are expected. Gates’ business plan also describes the creation of what eventually became Operation Warp Speed.

In July 2017, CEPI created a PowerPoint presentation for the World Health Organization, which you can also view on Breggin’s website. That presentation reviews Gates’ plan and explains the WHO’s role in setting the standards for pandemic science and medicine.

The PowerPoint also includes the statement that CEPI created a Memorandum of Understanding of WHO. According to Breggin, that’s “the next thing to an absolutely binding contract with the WHO.”

Who Are the Predators?

Breggin's book also contains details about the partners of this scheme. These include the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In short, the evidence points to the COVID-19 pandemic — with all the senseless and irrational decisions made in its name — being a scheme to enrich certain individuals, companies and organizations at the expense of everyone else.

“Rick Bright, [director of] BARDA, was key, a point man, [in] preventing everybody from having easy access to very effective treatments,” Breggin says. “Again, why? It was 10 years of vaccinations. This is all that it ever was. It wasn't about any other thing. [It was always about] finding a way to get rich and powerful.”

So far, then, we can list the following predators:

Bill Gates and his organizations

Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF)

Drug companies

Fauci and the NIH/NIAID

The Wellcome Trust





What Are the Predators Working Toward?

We now need to know what the predators are working towards. Gates talks about the creation of RNA vaccines in videos that date back to 2017. Now, fast forward to 2020 and you will see that mRNA injections are the first choice for COVID shots. And, as detailed in Gates’ business plan, Pfizer and Moderna were both given billions of dollars from the U.S. federal government through BARDA and the NIH/NIAID.

This, despite the fact that no mRNA injection has ever made it to market before this, and the fact that no coronavirus vaccine has ever made it to market in the 20 years they’ve been working on it. Coronavirus vaccines often cause severe illness when infected with the wild virus. This is known as antibody dependent improvement (ADE).

Breggin quotes a 2020 paper from independent researchers that warns all COVID vaccines (not just those using DNA shots, but also those that use killed viruses) are too risky to be used on human beings.

“So, they know all of this,” Breggin says. “There are no surprises to them. They knew what they were doing … But don't get scared. Get angry, but don't get demoralized. They desire that. You know, there’s a whole school of public health that talks about how to intimidate and engender fear to get people to do what you want. Fear appeal is the name of this tactic.

It's systematic and the public health professionals have been totalitarian since inception. It’s all about public health people telling the communities what they must do come the next public health threat. They do not say to preserve the Bill of Rights. They don't say, ‘make sure we check this out in the courts or a body supervising us for our ethics to protect the folks.’”

Recognize the Abuse, Then Stand Up Against It

So, how can we break the mass psychosis spell that so many are currently under, which makes them unable to see reality and understand that complying with the globalist predators will result in their own ruin? Breggin comments:

“Human beings are born into a state of helplessness … And the reason for that, I believe, is that we are a social animal. In a social setting, the brain grows twice as fast in its first year. We have a social brain. Our social brains are extremely connected to one another. That's the whole purpose of that socialization, that slow growth, that dependency over the years …

Being social allowed us as an extended family to survive and to be different than all other creatures. We are unique because of our relationships with others. We also get our joy from them.

There is a potential to feel helpless in the pain and grief that we all carry. We can become in moments [like] little children again. We can become helpless if we feel guilt, shame, anxiety, or overwhelming fear. This is what it really looks like. Although it is possible to label it psychosis it doesn't make sense to me. I would rather call it the overwhelming helplessness which overthrows all of society.

If you are abused in your childhood, that will continue to haunt you throughout adulthood. That's how powerful those early years are, and you have to work hard to overcome it … We to identify what was done to us. If you're an adult, it really helps to identify that, yes, you were sexually abused or, yes, you really were bullied by your older brother or your big sister …

You look back and you see what's going on and what happened. And that helps you … We are being oppressed by evil people. There is no chance. It's possible that we could be children suffering. We have to say to each other, ‘No more. We must stop complaining, complaining and feeling helpless. It's very clear, what's happening to us.’

It's not crazy. We must resist it. It is intentional and deliberate. You must be open to being abused again and we need to learn how to stop it. Each other must be comforted, loved and inspired. It is important to see the tactical side of things when we support each other.

It is time to work together. [My wife] Ginger and I made the terrifying decision to take on COVID-19 … [and] join many other people fighting for America's freedom. We made a difficult decision but we soon met many people.

I never imagined knowing Peter McCollough, a great cardiologist who wrote an introduction to [my book], who risked his life and his whole reputation to declare that there is a good treatment … We're all re-founders of America in a critical moment in time.

And instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, think to yourself, ‘God put us in a place where we can make one of the hugest differences, or we can have effects beyond anything we imagined’ … We need to know that there is a war against us … They have a stealth war against us … So be proud, be an American, be a patriot. For liberty, stand up.

Take a look at the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. It's your legacy. This was your legacy. It was probably because of the civil war that you did not do anything to save it. This is America's greatest threat to freedom. This is a much greater threat than civil war. It's a war against all of Western democracy.”

More Information

As made clear in Breggin’s book, “COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey,” the end goal is complete totalitarian control of all nations, very similar to the kind of societal control already in place in China, and unless we unite against the implementation of this plan, there will be no happy ending for any of us.

It’s not going to be easy, because the globalist predators have infiltrated government, NGOs, academia, entertainment, business and every other major aspect of American life. Each area must be taken back one at a time. This is the only way to move forward.

Just days after the interview, President Biden stated his intent to make Americans vaccinated by requiring corporations that have 100 or more employees to get COVID vaccinations or risking fines. It’s as unconstitutional as you can get, but he’s doing it anyway because, again, the end goal is totalitarianism and the means is medical tyranny.

COVID-19 is a tool to achieve an end. This can be seen because globalists are calling for sanctions against the rest of the world to tackle the threat of global warming.

More than 200 journals, including The Lancet, The New England Journal of Medicine4 and The BMJ simultaneously published the identical editorial calling for “society-wide changes” in the name of saving the environment. Richard Smith is chair of The Lancet Commission On the Value Of Death. As noted by Breggin:

“It is quite stunning and signals that the lockdowns, passports and other abuses will continue and be ramped up as people catch on to the fraud behind COVID-19. Such a spectacular coordinated effort to get worldwide medical and health journals lockstep into progressive and globalist goals for humanity is astonishing and requires the disclosures in our book to explain.”

“COVID-19 and the Global Predators” is being self-published and is only available on for the time being. At 650 pages, it’s a big book, and it goes over the chronology of how we got here, from start to finish. The book also includes a comprehensive index that allows you to look up names or organizations.