All ingredients are perfectly safe and are very useful for kids as well as adults. Nanohydr8 is packed with electrolytes, which are key to proper hydration. It also has a great combination of amino acids which are vital to muscle building and repair. They are also helpful for brain function and recovery and repair of all types of body tissue. Nanohydr8 also contains many vitamins and antioxidants. Things like ATP, vitamin B’s and C, resveratrol, and carnosine. Nanohydr8 also contains dextrose for energy and to replace glycogen that is used during strenuous activity.

Nanohydr8 is a very safe supplement. The only thing a parent might consider is caffeine (a proven performance enhancer for athletic activities),and that is up to each individual parent to decide how much, if any they want their kids to use.

Our team at Nanohydr8 has worked with numerous scientists, athletes and elite coaches who recommended 100 mg as the optimum amount to enhance performance without over stimulating the central nervous system and adrenal glands. Caffeine also helps the reduction of fatigue while dilating blood vessels to increase blood flow. This will cause the body to release compounds like adrenaline into the bloodstream, which are beneficial to athletic performance.

Most servings of Nanohydr8 have 100 mgs of caffeine. The grape concentrate is caffeine free.

Since NanoHydr8 nano nutrients begin absorbing instantly you don’t have to worry about drinking NanoHydr8 hours before a work out to see the benefits. If you use the Shooters drink it right before you work out or even in the middle. If you use the concentrate put two cap fulls into 24oz of water and sip on it throughout your event or workout. As soon as you start drinking your body begins to absorb the nano nutrients and utilizes them to enhance your performance.

Extreme Jungle Punch, Dragon Fruit, and Cool Rush all have 250mg of Caffeine. These products are best used for those who have already built a tolerance to caffeine.

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