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How to Make Sports Photography Stand Out

Being a sports photographer is a big career goal for a lot of people. However, with cameras being so easy to access, it's hard to get your work seen and your name out there as a great sports photographer.

We've created this guide for those looking to step up their sports photography style and make their work stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

Keep reading to learn how to take unique sports photos.

Use Long Lens

Using a long lens in taking sports photos will help you produce unique and outstanding images. Long lenses allow for more dynamic, compressed images. The background of the photo is a blur, but the main focus of the photo is in sharp detail.

Long lenses also allow photographers to get really close to their subject. This creates natural and organic images. 

They also help to avoid busy backgrounds, creating a cleaner image by blurring busy elements in the shot. Similarly, long lenses can increase the performance and significance of the pictures.

Shoot at a High Shutter Speed

To make sports photography stand out, it helps to shoot at a high shutter speed. Going above 1/1000 of a second can freeze action in a way that really grabs the viewer’s attention.

Different sports require different shutter speeds. For sports like tennis or soccer, a shutter speed of 1/2000 or faster can help ensure that each second is crisply and accurately captured. For visually striking moments like takeoffs or landings in a sport like skateboarding, consider going even higher, up to 1/4000 or faster.

Shooting at a high shutter speed is a great way to capture exciting sports moments which will stand out to your viewers.

Use Burst Mode

When working with sports photography, one actionable item photographers should implement is burst mode. This mode is when the shutter is held down and captures a sequence of photos in just a few seconds.

By using burst mode to capture sports, you can capture stills during the action. You can also zoom in on a few details to make the photo stand out. 

An example could be using burst mode to capture a cyclist in motion, isolating the individual, and catching some air off a jump near the finish line. You can also remove bg to emphasize the image even more. 

Follow Professional Examples

Professional sports photographers know the importance of making their photos stand out and capturing a game's action and intensity. It’s essential to learn by observing them and taking notes as to how they capture the action and keep the focus on the athlete.

Start by looking at their composition and camera angles. Note what works and how they use the rule of thirds, golden spiral, leading lines, movement, etc.

Figure out which elements are essential based on what other photographers have been able to do, and don't be afraid to try something new. Keep up with trends and take the time to practice, experiment, and understand the tools available to you.

Learn More About Sports Photography Today

Sports photography can be a powerful art form if done correctly. By considering the best angle and light to take the photo, framing the subject clearly, and focusing on what makes the action special, it is possible to create truly outstanding photographs.

To create truly memorable moments and photos, consider the top tips for sports photography. Make your shots stand out today!

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