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5 Reasons Seniors Need Daily Physical Activity

Like it or not, we are all getting older. The older we get, the more that we have to pay attention to our health. Taking care of your health doesn't necessarily mean you have to eat nothing but birdseed and work out for four hours a day. It's as simple as eating a reasonable diet and simply moving our bodies, with no strenuous exercise required.

Statistics show that something as simple as going for a brisk 30-minute walk a day can not only increase the length of your life but also provide other benefits. Are you ready to see why seniors should get moving every day? Here are some of the most important reasons why people over the age of 65 need daily physical activity.

Increased Mobility

If you hope to be independent well into your older years, then it's important that you stay active. If you fail to move your body on a daily basis, then your body will eventually start to shut down because it will weaken. Daily physical activity will reduce your risks of brittle bones and lack of stability. Not only does this mean fewer health complications, but it also means you can continue to be independent well into your older years.

Improved Brain Function

Physical activity doesn't just make your muscles stronger, but also your brain! Statistics show that seniors who engage in regular exercise have much better cognitive function than those who don't. When you exercise, you increase blood flow to the brain, which means a healthier, happier organ.

Not to mention the added perk of the release of chemicals like serotonin that are released when you move your body. If dementia is something you're concerned with, then exercise can be one of the greatest preventative measures to protect yourself.

Reduced Risk of Illness

The more active you are, the less risk you have of developing conditions like heart disease and even cancer. Not only can it reduce your risk of developing health conditions, but it can also help manage the symptoms of already developed ones, such as arthritis. Staying active improves your bone density, which means you're less at risk of breaking your bones if you suffer a fall.

Connection With Others

Some forms of exercise provide the opportunity to connect with others. Whether you choose to swim in a public swimming pool, join a dance class, or even join a bowling league, physical activity is a great way to stay connected with others and avoid feelings of isolation that seniors commonly experience.

Better Mood

A recent study showed that seniors who engage in daily exercise experience a much more positive mindset than those who remain sedentary. When you move, your body releases endorphins that naturally improve your mood without the need for antidepressants or other substances. Not to mention, getting out of the house is enough to put anyone in a better mood than someone who sits around on the couch all day. So what are you waiting for? Find an exercise that you love and do it every day.