You Have Time to Workout

by Jared Ballard

Robyn Maher - IFBB Bikini Pro, Promoter of IFBB/NPC Salt City Showdown, Nutritionist/Trainer, Online Coaching, Brand Ambassador and Mom of 4 

A lot of people during my day tell me that they have no time to workout. Especially when they are working full-time. This is what I tell them, "You've got to just suck it up. You've got to fit it in."

I often workout on my lunch hour, and to be honest with you, those are some of the best workouts I have. My time is limited to that hour. I don't talk as much. I don't mess around, and I get that workout done.

When you are fitting in a workout, I highly recommend circuit training. These are super set workouts, back to back, with very little rest. This helps you get in a full body workout in a limited about of time.

Whatever you do, I encourage you to fit it in. Just make it happen. If you've got to get back to work take, less time to get ready. Sometimes I go back to work with a ponytail in my hair, but at the end of the day, I feel awesome that I got my workout in.

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