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by Adam Legas

 Athletes and Active People Will Perform Better with Proper Supplements

Most athletes use some type of supplements in their training.  There are thousands of supplements and almost as many brands selling various versions of those supplements.

According to the top nutritionists, coaches, trainers and scientists, the supplements that are the most studied, most effective and safest for human performance are Caffeine, Creatine, Beta-Alanine, Glutamine, Whey Protein, and BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids).

Nanohydr8 contains most of these, plus numerous other effective nutrients in ONE drink (4oz Shooters or liquid concentrate).

 Proper Absorption is Key to effectiveness

It is essential that if you are going to spend money on a supplement, it actually comes in a form that your body can assimilate quickly and completely.

Nanohydr8 is the only sports performance supplement with the license to use scientifically proven methods of enhanced nano delivery to the cells.

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Is it Just a Placebo Effect?

The placebo effect is the persons belief in a product that produces a perceived benefit. Several products on the market rely on their marketing to produce a placebo effect. Though our messaging is amazing it is not what makes our product great. NanoHydr8 is built on actual research and results that suppoert its technology.


Nanohydr8 has the exclusive license to use “Hydrozome technology”. This technology was extensively tested in both plants and animals.  Plants and animals are not subject to the placebo effect, so any resulting benefit that result can be attributed to the actual nutrients and not the subject’s belief in the product.

Plants, animals and humans were administered nutrients that had been put through the “hydrozome” process.

  • Plants that were given fertilizer processed with “Hydrozome Technology” were harvested 25% sooner and contained much higher nutritional values than plants given the same amount of fertilizer that had not utilized “Hydrozome Technology”.
  • Animals that were given feed processed with “Hydrozome Technology” gained 15% more weight than animals given the same amount of feed that was not treated.
  • Human cells were able to absorb nutrients completely and 300% faster with “Hydrozome Technology” than cells absorbing nutrients in their traditional form.  In this same time period, cells showed total absorption of the “Hydrozome” nutrients, while the standard nutrients had only partially begun to absorb.

Simply Better

To summarize why NanoHydr8 is a far superior supplement for human performance is simple.  

- Nanohydr8 combines the most time tested and effective supplements into ONE product.

- Nanohydr8 has been scientifically tested to show that its technology makes supplements absorb more quickly and much more completely.

Learn More About NanoHydr8 and how it can improve your performance. 

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Adam Legas
Adam Legas


CEO and Founder of NanoHydr8.



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