Pre-Workout Energy Supplements with Electrolytes

by Adam Torkildson

Do you hit the gym or the track more than 4x a week? Are you an avid bodybuilder or CrossFitter? Do you excel in sports at the college level or above? If so, good ON ya! And our next question is this. Do you find yourself feeling drained and tired from your training? Do you THINK that this fatigue is simply natural because you work out HARD and you should expect to be tired?

That’s not necessarily true. With the right fuel (food and supplementation) and the right rest/recovery schedule (our bodies need time to repair and re-energize for the next session), you can and will enjoy a higher level of energy in and out of the gym. Your training should revive you, not impair you.

So- if you are regularly feeling fatigued and your training is suffering, it’s likely your FUEL situation that needs to be addressed and possibly your REST situation as well.

When it comes to FUEL, check your eats. Are you eating enough? It’s very common for athletes and fitness fanatics to unintentionally under eat. This can hurt your training and cause fat storage not fat loss. EAT!!! Eat enough!

You’ve probably had some fitness friends – or the folks you follow on Instagram recommend a pre-workout energy supplement to you. It’s likely you have seen commercials for sports hydration drinks of some sort but you may be confused. Understandable. How do you choose a supplemental drink that’s RIGHT for you and that doesn’t contain ingredients that will possibly harm you (stomach aches, bloating, harmful ingredients)?

You want a healthy sports drink that will enhance your training, not detract from it. You want to invest in a supplement that has electrolyte liquids and offers energy for your workouts, but won’t leave you jittery and feeling JACKED.

If you are unfamiliar with electrolytes, we get it. We hear the term all the time but sometimes, it’s helpful to get back to basics and understand WHY we need and thrive on electrolyte balance.

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, Electrolytes are ‘minerals in your body that have an electric charge….they help balance the amount of water in your body, balance your body’s pH level, move nutrients IN to your cells and wastes OUT of your cells, and make sure your nerves, muscles, heart and brain work the way they should.”  Clearly, our bodies RELY ON electrolytes to function and function optimally.

So, you will benefit greatly by adding in some pre-workout energy supplements that support your training efforts. Do you read “pre-workout energy supplements” and immediately think of those pills from years ago that were blacklisted off the market for causing all kinds of issues?

THINK AGAIN. We at Nanohydr8 have developed a sports hydration drink that is not only tasty as heck, it’s got you covered with electrolyte replenishment, it gives you a clean energy boost with no caffeine, the macros are ideal, and it’s sweetened with Monk Fruit and Stevia vs. the crappy artificial sweeteners found in most supplements.

Yes. We’ve created the cleanest, purest electrolyte liquid supplement on the market.


Here’s an additional bonus:  Nanohydr8 also comes with a full 100% Satisfaction Guarantee? Our founder knows that THIS pre-workout energy drink will fuel your workouts with clean energy and restore your electrolyte balance and hydrate you, all while improving you performance—or he’ll give you your money back. (SPOILER: we don’t get refund requests because our customers LOVE the taste, the energy, the ingredients, the macros and the RESULTS they get when using Nanohydr8!) Step up your game now with Nanohydr8!

Adam Torkildson
Adam Torkildson




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