Maintaining Composure: What You Need To Do When Your Dog Won't Stop Barking

Almost all dog owners know what it’s like when your dog simply won’t stop barking. It can happen on a walk, when you come across a stranger, or even in your home. 

Excessive barking can be exhausting, nerve wracking, and even alarming to people who don’t know your dog as well as you do. If you struggle with a dog that won’t stop barking, you’re definitely not alone. 

Plenty of dog owners have this problem. And the good news is, there are plenty of different things you can try, to get your dog to stop. Here’s what you need to do when your dog won’t stop barking.

  • Stay calm
  • When your dog won’t stop barking, it can be upsetting to you as the owner, and can definitely get on your nerves. A great first step is to stay calm and measured, because if you get riled up, your dog is likely to follow your lead. 

    Your dog will definitely pick up on your energy, so the calmer you are, the better.

  • Use plenty of positive reinforcement
  • When your dog won’t stop barking, small victories can really add up. If they stop barking for brief moments, give them positive reinforcement like treats or physical affection, and keep doing that whenever you have the opportunity. 

    You need to teach them that it’s a good thing when they stop barking, and they’ll likely pick up on that.

  • Keep your dog busy
  • If your dog won’t stop barking, helping them let out some physical activity may be a huge help. Let them run around your yard chasing a ball or take them for a walk around the neighborhood to help them get some energy out. 

    You can also try to challenge them, with more advanced physical activities, and even mental challenges, such as training, to help keep them occupied.

  • Utilize dog training tools
  • There are plenty of handy devices out there which can help you on your journey to get your dog to stop barking. One of our favorites is the BarxBuddy dog training device

    This handheld device emits a high-pitched tone that’s harmless, and only audible to dogs. BarxBuddy helps get your dog’s attention when they won’t stop barking and creates the perfect training opportunity.


    We also love BarxBuddy because it keeps the training inside your home, and you can reach for this device whenever you need it, and whenever a training opportunity arises. Check out everything you need to know about this dog training device on this comprehensive review.

  • Stay patient and consistent
  • A big part of any dog training is staying patient with them, and consistent with your efforts. Whatever you do, you need to stick with it, and reinforce it whenever possible. 

    This way, your dog will be able to learn that this training is not optional. You’ll have the most luck with success if you continue to train your dog every opportunity you get.



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