Drinks High in Electrolytes

Have you been training hard and finding yourself feeling sluggish more often than not? If you are hitting the track or the treadmill regularly and scaling up your workouts, or if you are loving your CrossFit WODs so much you find yourself adding 2 more classes a week, or if you decided to compete in figure or bodybuilding this year and you are in that 12-Week focus zone, you are likely feeling the DRAIN. That drain of energy can happen when we increase our training but don’t appropriately alter our FUEL as well.

If your food is off, and if you aren’t supplementing daily with a high electrolyte replacement drink, you will start to crash more often.

Let’s make this clear. Your body needs FUEL for workouts. Just like a car needs gas, you need to power your workouts up AND restore what is lost during intense training. Too many athletes and fitness fanatics forget the importance of replenishing electrolytes lost when training. It’s so simple to fix this mistake. You simply invest in a good high-electrolyte pre-workout drink. You combine that with proper hydration before, during and after your training, and you’ll see, those crashes and energy slumps will disappear.

Think about how hard you train. Do you typically sweat when you train? If so, my friends, you are losing water from the body and that upsets the electrolyte balance. When that happens, if you don’t restore it, you will experience all kinds of side effects from cramping to weakness to a problem recovering from workouts in general.

If you train hard, and you are putting in all this time and effort to eat right and work out like a boss, do yourself a favor. Top off these efforts with the best supplementation. One of the simplest and most effective supplements that is appropriate for all athletes and fitness fanatics alike is a healthy pre-workout drink high in electrolytes.

Drumroll please. Enter: Nanohydr8. It is the BEST pre-workout drink on the market, if we say so ourselves. (Don’t take our word for it, read our reviews!) This is your ideal source for a healthy electrolyte drink and then some. You want a pre-workout drink that’s high in electrolytes but also with great macros and clean ingredients?  That’s right. We’ve got your electrolyte drink and guess what—it also provides a solid energy boost, without caffeine AND is sweetened with Stevia and Monk Fruit NOT loads of sugar or artificial sweeteners.


But wait, there’s more! Nanohydr8 also comes with a full 100% Satisfaction Guarantee? You won’t find that many places. The founder of Nanohydr8 knows that THIS electrolyte drink will fuel your workouts with clean energy and restore your electrolyte balance and hydrate you, all while improving you performance—or he’ll give you your money back. (HINT: we don’t see a lot of money being refunded because our customers LOVE the taste, the energy, the ingredients, the macros and the RESULTS they get when using Nanohydr8!)

Don’t you think it’s time you got yourself some Nanohydr8? Why wait? Dive in and then come back and tell us how much your training has improved from supplementing with the best.

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