3 Quick Rules for Portion Control

Dallin Pepper - 15 year old Crossfit Games hopeful.
Gym: Spanish Fork Crossfit
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One thing that helps my training is nutrition. I have to make sure I get enough calories, proteins and nutrients to support my growth and fitness goals. I don't like to count calories, fats, carbs or proteins, cause for me, it is too stressful.

The hand principle

1. Two hands of veggies 

2. One hand of meat

3. One palm size of healthy fats and complex carbs

This might be simple, but it keeps me on a good path. Don't get too serious. Teens need to eat and enjoy what they eat. If you're not having fun, you will burn out. Eat some carbs every now and then. My favorite is doughnuts. 

Make sure you are having a good time and let yourself enjoy it. 

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