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Running, weightlifting, jogging, spin class…they all have sweating in common.  Whether you’re new to exercise, getting back into it, or a true addict, getting an effective workout is important.  The difference between a “good workout” and a “great workout” may differ from person to person, but they all have movement in common.  With movement (aerobic, that is), comes sweat. If you exercise once a month or twice a day (or anything in-between), the impact of a workout on our bodies – and our minds – is essential.  

There are always people in the gym that sweat more than others.  Because sweat has always been a workout thermometer (more on that later), it is something we are always conscious of when exercising.  As the holidays approach, along with the larger meals, if you’re someone that doesn’t sweat a lot but wants to get more out of your workout, you have options for a much more efficient workout.  These remedies also work for those who sweat significantly during a workout but want to ensure it is productive sweat.

Did you know that each of us sweats differently at different times of the day and undere different conditions?  Sweat is the body’s own natural temperature regulator, so when you aren’t heating up (ie: during a workout), you may sweat differently.  Sweat can also be inefficient or efficient (during a workout). In other words, some sweat carries more toxins out of the body while lowering our body temperature than other sweat. Sweat is actually more complicated than it looks.  Want your sweat to be more productive? Want to tighten and tone more after exercise? If your answer to either of these questions is a “yes”, then read on. SweatZone ( helps to ensure your body is performing as it should, and that you are sweating optimally.

Not only do you feel great after a terrific workout, but the long-term benefits are even greater. Health, weight, midset, and so many other things are impacted by those thirty minutes a day on the treadmill or bike.  When you walk to through the store or look online, you will find a veritable buffet of products designed to prevent sweating or reduce it, as well as those like SweatZone that enhance it. Frankly, sweat is just something we all have to face.  The question is…do we want to mitigate it or embrace it, so we accomplish more?

And under the umbrella of accomplishments, sweat also comes out when we are stressed.  It just isn’t the same. With the holidays coming quickly, stocking stuffers, holiday gifts, Chanukkah presents and events abound.  Did you know that diet and exercise, according to many doctors, are the top concerns this time of the year? That said, a creative, health smart gift like SweatZone may be right up your alley.  Its natural formula enhances workouts and helps people achieve their goals sooner. It’s convenient to purchase and to use. You’ll find it in Walmart, on Amazon and from the company directly. With Cyber Monday coming, it’s a must have.  

You might not think of giving the gift of an enhanced workout first for the holiday season, but if your recipient loves to exercise, or is getting exercise equipment for the holidays, the gift of health will be appreciated.  SweatZone is proven to make you work harder, recover faster, and lose more weight, all of which make exercising far more exciting if you’re like me and find it difficult to take that first step.

Thanksgiving and the end of the year holidays are meant to be fun, social, and merry.  Because of this, a large number of people break their consistent habits to celebrate a bit more – with more dessert, more meals, more egg nog, or whatever is enjoyed most.  What we do now, we pay for later by dieting and exercising even more. Knowing which products you can use to help reduce the stress on our bodies from our holiday celebrations makes a big difference in the long run.   And for those of us who already know our first New Year’s Resolution will be exercise and diet, it’s nice to know there is a partner out there just waiting for us.

Adam Legas

Adam Legas

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