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According to the CDC, nearly half of the adults in the United States were trying to lose weight within the past year. Whether it’s a total body transformation or shedding a couple of pounds, it’s difficult knowing how to start a weight loss journey.

Engaging in regular exercise and eating healthy are two of the best ways to lose weight, even better when paired together.

Keep reading to learn about the best exercise machine for weight loss, as well as other gym tips and healthy eating habits.

What is the Best Exercise Machine for Weight Loss?

A deficit of 3,500 calories must be achieved to lose just one pound of body fat. This caloric deficit can occur by eating fewer calories, or by increasing the amount of physical activity. The best machine for weight loss are ones that burn the most calories within the shortest time.

The best cardio machine for weight loss is the treadmill, .

For a 150 pound person, an hour of running on the treadmill can burn over 600 calories. Walking for an hour can burn 150-350 calories. The longer the duration and the higher the intensity of exercise, the more calories that’ll be burned.

After the treadmill, the best gym machines for weight loss include the stair master, rowing machine, arc trainer, and spin bike. The elliptical machine is a new, fresh machine that many people are using for weight loss.

The best exercise machine for total body weight loss are machines that promote HIIT workouts. HIIT is high-intensity interval training. It involves short periods of intense exercise separated by brief periods of recovery.

HIIT workouts burn tons of calories, promote fat loss, and may increase muscle mass depending on the exercise.

However, individuals that are new to the weight loss journey may be hesitant to engage in more demanding exercise. Instead, participating in a pilates or yoga class may be a great way to jump-start weight loss. Fortunately, there are resources, like Elina pilates, that can provide beginners with all the equipment they need for weight loss.

Gym Tips

Even after finding the best machine for weight loss, going to the gym for the first time can be a scary process.

Don’t be intimidated by other folks in the gym. Be proud of the choice to pursue a healthier lifestyle, and walk in with confidence.

Focus on workout consistency rather than intensity. Going to the gym three days a week for 30 minutes is much better than six days a week for an hour. The previous schedule is much more sustainable over time.

Additionally, workout consistency is improved when the type of exercise that is being done is enjoyable.

Healthy Eating Habits

Eating a healthy diet is as important for weight loss as exercise.

When starting the weight loss journey, incorporate protein into every meal. Prioritize fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods. Unhealthy fats and sugar don’t have to be avoided, but it’s best when they’re eaten in moderation.

Lastly, stay hydrated, especially before and after a workout.

Staying Fit

The bottom line? The best exercise machine for weight loss is the one that you enjoy, and that keeps you working out consistently. No machine is the key to weight loss.

Rather, weight loss is about patience and building healthy habits over time.

If you need more guidance on your weight loss journey or ways to improve your workout performance, check out the rest of our site!

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