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60% of all clients seeking IV therapy are women in their 40s and 50s. The growing interest in IV Vitamin treatment among the elites is due to the emerging evidence of the benefits. While this approach has been around for years, it is not until recently that most contemporary societies seem keen on trying the drip. 

IV therapy stands out as among the most effective unconventional treatments for a wide range of health-related needs.

Are you wondering what is IV therapy? If yes, continue reading this guide on everything you need to know about IV therapy.

What Is IV Therapy?

You must have heard about IV therapy at some point, but you probably did not pay much attention. Most people tend to be less concerned until they get to know what IV means. Intravenous therapy is a method that ensures the intake of minerals and fluids straight into the human system through a vein.

The technique uses both injection and infusion of high levels of vitamins and magnesium into the bloodstream, which can be more effective than through the oral approach. While the procedure originates in the field of medicine, recent developments have made the Myers Cocktail a standard therapeutic method outside of formal hospitals. IV therapy, as an alternative treatment approach, has varying health benefits.

If you’ve been struggling to find a meaningful solution to various lifestyle-related concerns such as fatigue and dehydrated skin, read on to learn everything you need to know about intravenous therapy.  

Is IV Therapy a Recent Invention?

Contrary to what many people imagine, IV treatment is not a new concept. The procedure was in use hundreds of years before the modern wellness era.  The technique was specifically useful in the last century to cure Cholera through drip injection. 

The popular reference to the Myers Cocktail IV treatment during this period is a confirmation that this infusion method has been in use for much longer.

You might have heard more about IV therapy in recent times due to the growing awareness of the topic of wellness. This technique has also become popular due to the number of party lovers seeking a quick solution to their hangovers after a night of fun.  

Now that you have a better understanding of what is IV therapy, the next step is the assessment of the underlying benefits of IV therapy from an evidence-based point of view. 

1. Hydration 

We all feel dehydrated at times. Your reasons for dehydration may vary from not taking enough water to certain underlying diseases. Dehydration may lead to dry skin, bad breath, or even frequent urination of small amounts.

While you will want to consider increasing your water intake, dehydration may require a more comprehensive solution. With hydration IV therapy, your body absorbs more nutrients and fluids. This is much more effective because the nutrients are incorporated into the bloodstream directly without relying on the digestive system.

Intravenous therapy ensures minimal waste during this process and ensures maximum infusion of nutrients into your body. If you’ve been struggling with extreme dehydration, this option may be applicable and will only take a few minutes.

2. Maximum Vitamin Absorption

Everyone needs a dose of multivitamins every day to ensure a balanced threshold. You need to balance between the seven core vitamin types according to nutritionists. Nevertheless, considering the busy schedules and poor eating habits common today, this may be an hard goal.

The failure to balance our vitamin intake may be a leading cause of illnesses, early aging, and fatigue. You probably need a chart outlining your food intake per day to meet the set standards. This can be overwhelming. 

 But, you need not worry, with IV drip therapy, it is possible to maximize your vitamin intake.

IV therapy has a critical advantage over oral vitamin intake thanks to the enhanced absorption that it brings.

Once the body achieves maximum absorption of fluids and vitamins, then the following benefits are automatic. 

3. An Instant Healthy Glow 

You appreciate those compliments whenever your skin is glowing. Well, most people spend millions to achieve that younger look. What if they knew of a more natural and cheaper way to get that instant glow?

The growing popularity around IV is partly due to the glowing effect on the skin. If you want to look younger, then the drip may be a worthy consideration.

4. Hangovers and Jet Lag 

These are some of the worst feelings ever. You don’t want to think about the morning after a night of partying hard. Everyone dreads that feeling of fatigue after a long flight. Unfortunately, the demands of modern life and the realities of nightlife and social engagements make hangovers, and jet lag common problems.  

With IV drip therapy, you can have the confidence of a regular morning after a night out. You only need a walk-in procedure, and you will be out before you know it. That feeling of jet lag is also no longer a concern with a healthy dose of electrolytes into your system. 

Can You Get Drip Bar on Demand? 

The changing dynamics around IV therapy now make it possible to access the drip on demand. This means that you can access the drip even when it is not medically necessary.  You may be able to access a unique blend of vitamins and electrolytes on demand, depending on your specific needs.

While most health insurance providers don’t cover this option, the cost is moderate but depends on the IV therapist you consider. Your safety is guaranteed too, as long as you consider a seasoned therapist or service provider. If you have any concerns, you can learn about IV therapy and ask any question on the procedure before deciding on whether to follow through with the process.

You Are No Longer in the Dark About IV Therapy

If you had any doubts about what is IV therapy, now you know. You can now confidently try out IV therapy if this is something that suits your needs. You must, however, ensure that you access this service from a renowned wellness center to avoid any safety risks. 

Was this piece of interest to you? If so, go ahead and read our other articles for more informative health and fitness-related info. 

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