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The featured image on this page is one of our customers, Brent. I just want to quickly type out what he said about Nanohydr8 before we get into the nitty gritty on the question: What does Beta-alanine do?

 “At age 46 I have tried lots of ‘supplements’ and generally speaking they are average. After incorporating Nanohydr8 into my daily routine I not only feel better, I perform at a level of where I was 15 years ago.  My mind is clearer, the energy level is amazing, my endurance is fantastic and my overall well-being is great!  I use the shooters  and the concentrate on a daily basis as my go-to beverage. Nanohydr8 is a huge part of keeping me healthy and having fun!”What does Beta-Alanine do? Most fitness people know supplementation is something that should be part of their lifestyle in some way. However, many people don’t know the benefits of Beta-alanine, and how it takes 6 weeks for our body to assimilate and become efficient at converting it to carnosine.

Carnosine is what suppresses lactic acid and enables us to work harder for longer periods.
Long term beta-alanine supplementation will dramatically improve any intense exertion lasting longer than 20 seconds. Sounds like a great nutrient to start taking right away, am I right?

Carnosine will help with almost everything other than your 1 Rep max.
And being able to workout at a higher intensity will eventually also have a correlation on your 1 Rep max anyway.

However, it begins to really show benefits in any exercise that is hampered by lactic acid production, when it has been used regularly for a period of over 6 weeks.

Since beta-alanine in NanoHydr8 is absorbed on a nano level, these benefits will be more pronounced and be measurable in a shorter period of time. Usually 2 weeks or less. 

Adam Legas

Adam Legas

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