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Long Island is one of the top travel spots in the United States, given its proximity to the Big Apple and access to some of the most incredible beaches in the world. While the island may be geographically separated from the rest of the state of New York because of the East River, the town is still highly connected through its thirteen-tunnel links and nine bridges. 

Long Island is undoubtedly the ideal location to live in and retire. It is no wonder that the town’s adult population is steadily increasing every year. As of 2017, the number of residents aged 65 and above is already close to half a million.

If your parents live on the island and belong to this age group, you should be mindful if they are still capable of living independently. Note that most of the time, older people do not realize that they already need round-the-clock assistance until they get injured or sick.

Instead of waiting for your parents to tell you themselves, it is your job to observe and decide what is best for them. To know if it is time to consider looking for suitable live-in care in Long Island to assist your aging parents, recognize the following signs:


While it’s normal for aging people to experience memory lapses, such as forgetting the name of an acquaintance or where they left their keys, you should know if your parents’ memory loss is already pervasive and affecting their lives. Keep in mind that severe forgetfulness is one of the main symptoms of dementia. 

Some of the indications that memory loss may not be due to aging anymore include:

  • Forgetting to open the mail or pay their bills;
  • Difficulty in following directions or going to a place they visit often;
  • Misuse of words; and
  • Poor decision making

Social Withdrawal 

Another sign that your parents may be having difficulty coping on their own is withdrawal from their usual activities. Be wary if they suddenly stopped attending church or other events that they enjoy or if they no longer see you on special occasions even if you usually spend time together. Such changes may mean that your parents are having difficulty traveling or mingling with people. 

Weight Loss and Lack of Personal Hygiene

If you met with your parents and notice that their clothes are too loose and they look like they just got out of bed, even if they usually love to dress up, you should investigate the situation further. Weight loss and poor personal hygiene are clues that they may be having trouble preparing their meals and taking care of themselves. 

Unkempt Home

Observe your parents’ domestic situation when you visit their Long Island home. Is the yard well maintained as usual? Is the house clean and orderly? If you answered no to both, there is a great chance that your parents are having trouble moving around and doing their domestic duties. 

If you notice one or more of the signs mentioned above, you should start searching for the right live-in care in Long Island. While the thought can be both scary and painful, it’s best to assess and face the situation honestly. Seeking help from a reputable senior care provider as soon as possible can significantly help your parents live a quality life that they deserve. 

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