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Those who love fitness should understand that it’s a whole lot more than just exercise. It is a state of healthy wellbeing and the ability to perform various daily activities without any physical hindrances. However, those who’ve opted to take their love for fitness further and become trainers should know that the job demands further commitment. Just knowing your way around a gym (and the equipment on site) doesn’t automatically make you ready to train people.

As the fitness world continues to grow, the ability to work with various body types, the science of exercise and knowledge of nutrition all come together to play the combined role of a personal trainer. If you’re looking to build a career in this field, then it’s wise to consider taking some personal trainer courses to gain certification, as the best way by which a trainer can be judged is by the quality of education they have received.

Steps to take to become a personal trainer

  1. Get your qualifications:  The mass of certification bodies usually requires applicants to possess a minimum of A’ Levels as a prerequisite to sit for the relevant exam. Having a post-secondary education certificate, formal degree or training course is a bonus, but as long as you have the minimum covered, then you’re ready to get started.
  2. Get AED/CPR certified: There are many accredited programmes and organisations within the fitness industry that offer certification. Because personal trainers are quite likely to encounter emergencies with a client at some point, they are required to learn how to recognise when a person is experiencing an emergency.

Certifications like the automated external defibrillator (AED) and cardiopulmonary resurrection (CPR) are required by practically every personal training certifying body. It is important to choose the proper certification in order to enhance and support your career goals.

  1. Pick a fitness specialty: Your end goal is the career pathway. Before training and certification, it’s important to know what specialty can match your skill set and professional goals. Would you want to train 20 people at a time or rather be an individual personal trainer? Select an option that works best for you, suits your goals and is the right choice from a professional point of view.
  2. Prepare for certification test: Since you’re intent on this becoming a long term career, you do not want to be unprepared when the time comes to take the exam. Make sure you study every day, even if just for a short time.

Create a study plan and strive to follow it, so that when the big day comes, you’re confident and in control. Find a way to reach other trainers through social network platforms – or even  in person – and see if they can help you with any tips and advice.

  1. Find a gym: After you have successfully achieved certification, it’s time to start building a portfolio for yourself, find a gym, apply for a job and start building your work experience.

Personal Training Courses

Finding the right personal training course is a crucial step towards making progress. Not only will it help you carve out a career path in the future, your fitness qualification will also assist you in creating a reputation within the fitness industry.

When considering your course, you’ll definitely want one that is affordable and from a certified training body – one that covers the necessary subjects that will help you grow as a trainer. It should also be available to take in your area.

If the latter isn’t available, the option of an online course can be considered. Some of the courses you can take include: Fitness Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Exercise Therapy, Senior Fitness, Youth Fitness, Strength and Conditioning, Corrective Exercise and Group Fitness.

Different training institutes  offer different courses for their certification, but a reputable school that provides courses such as these should be able to ultimately cover:

  • Nutrition for every form, from bodybuilder to ballerina
  • Properly creating time-scheduled programmes
  • Evaluating the correct body form and how to adjust
  • Training clients from various backgrounds
  • Insurance and legal issue awareness

All of these courses collectively build you as a personal trainer, providing the ability to work with anyone that requires your assistance.

Is attending a training school necessary?

If you’ve had lots of previous experience in the gym – from training or coaching your friends for example – then attending a training school may not be the right option for you. You could simply purchase the workbooks from the national certification website, study it, select a test centre and then pass the tests.

If you still feel like you need some help studying, there are workshops run by certification bodies with the intent of assisting people to prepare and study for the exams. These workshops are a whole lot cheaper than the fees charged at the personal training schools and usually run for a weekend or just a day or two.

Reflect on how ready you are for every aspect of personal training, as it really isn’t for everyone. It could turn out to be a valuable experience for someone else, but a waste of time for you. It’s necessary to remember that the certification is one of your major keys to building your portfolio and a springboard to becoming an effective personal trainer.

As a fitness trainer, you should be open to accessing new information, learning through continued forms of education and from your fellow colleagues. After all, you’re not expected to act like you know everything, just because you have a great physique and have the right certification.

Try to become certified in many more areas as you continue to build your knowledge and credibility. Workout with other experienced coaches, talk to various trainers and indulge in various activities. There’s no such thing as too much experience; every new form of learning and valuable experience will help you be confident when training people with varying goals and at different levels.

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