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You want to get in shape, spend time outdoors, find a new hobby, but you’re not sure where to start, check out the link below to some resources on finding a healthy activity you might enjoy. Whether you like to run, walk, or cycle, there are apps that can keep you on track of your health goals. If you want to lose weight or get ready for a competition, there are different apps that can provide you with the resources to set attainable goals for whatever you are trying to do. Here’s the link but read on to find out what I have learned to help you track your progress and get into shape. 

Apps to help you track your fitness needs 

Apps for planning ahead of your daily run

Sometimes it’s hard to put your running shoes on and just hit the pavement. Where should you go, how much time should you run for, how many calories are you burning or what is the exact distance you want to reach? I would tell you the best way to enjoy a run and get the most out of it is to plan ahead. I would map my run out before I head out so that I know where I want to run to get the distance and time goals I am aiming for. You don’t want to waste time pulling out your phone at an intersection and check the map to see which way to go, you want to stay in the zone and have a running route planner show you the way so you can keep your momentum and focus going. “The same is true if I decide that I would rather walk, I want to map my walk so I can enjoy the scenery, keep up my walking speed, and not worry about which road or trail I need to go down next,” says Common Cents Mom. Having apps that can set your course helps you stay focused on your jogging or walking and allows you to get the  most out of your time. If you only have an hour before work, you want to make the most out of that precious time. Let apps help you do that as well as track your progress over time. 

Find apps for long distance cycling guidance

If you’re not interested in running, but love to ride on your bike, then you should look into long distance cycling benefits and try out an app that maps your course as well as tracks your health and cycling distance improvements over time. The average cycling distance for a long distance cycler is between 40 to 60 miles a day. So you want to find apps that can help you track your progress of miles per day so you can set a goal for where you want to be from day one to day thirty one. If you are looking to lose weight, cycling can be a good option. You can find an app that shows you how many calories you burn per hour and also track you heart rate while your riding. If you want to lose weight, you should get an app that pushes you to cycle at least 5 hours a week or more. If you are not worried about losing weight, but rather want to get ready for a charity ride or a competitive ride, you will want an app that helps you train for a long distance ride of over 100 miles in one day. 

To jog, to walk, or to run…

If your wanting to start a cardio activity to focus on weight loss, you can research the benefits of walking, jogging, and running to see which one will help you lose weight the fastest. If you look at jogging vs running weight loss, that could depend on the length in which you can do both. Find an app that tracks the length of distance and how many calories you burn both jogging and running. The harder you work, the more calories you will burn. So if your just starting out, you might want to consider walking to increase your cardio stamina for jogging. If jogging seems difficult, then you can start with walking for most of your mapped route and jogging on short sections. This can build up your muscles you can start jogging more and walking less. Once you have flipped the walking vs jogging pattern to where you are jogging more than walking, you can move on to adding running into the equation. Use apps to help you come up with a good goal plan that can help you get from walking to running in a certain amount of time you choose. You can also use apps to see how many calories you burn jogging vs running, as well as how long you can do either to decide which one to focus on. If you can jog for an hour, but only run for 20 minutes, you might want to jog for 20 minutes, run for 5 and then repeat. You can use apps to time these sections out for you and make it easier to increase your burning of calories and keep you on track with your goals. 


If you want to compete or looking to lose weight, you can use apps to help you find the right cardio exercise to help you achieve your goals. You can find apps that help you train for long distance cycling, running, jogging, or help you plan your daily routine so you get the most of the time you have. Let apps guide you to your best physical health by making it easy to map out your goals and the right path to getting there. 

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