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All mothers and fathers want what is best for their children, especially when it comes to baby’s health and hygiene. It is only natural that they would reach for non toxic baby products when it comes to raising their little ones. From bathtime to playtime to easing a sore bottom, every item is carefully selected even before the baby is born to ensure they are given the best. However, with all the different products on the market today, it becomes more difficult for parents to know what is necessary to purchase and what their child can live without.  

Why Choose Non-Toxic

Different forms of toxins and chemicals have been covertly polluting nearly everything that surrounds us for decades. It is only in recent years that studies have discovered the dangers involved with harmful substances like BPA, especially when they are exposed to infants and children. This realization has lead parents to become more aware of how their everyday children’s products are manufactured. Moms and dads have begun searching for better options when it comes to the materials and processes used to create their child’s world, from bottles to bouncers.   

Long and Short Term Effects

BPA or Bisphenol is an industrial chemical that has been used for over 50 years in plastics and resins like epoxy. It includes bottles, sippy cups, packaged food, and anything else containing hard, clear plastic. While it is not directly poisonous, when ingested, it can confuse the body’s natural hormone development and production, leading to moderate to severe side effects. Cancers, congenital disabilities, early puberty, and hyperactivity are only a shortlist of the possible adversities of BPA exposure.      

Labels Over Looks

Due to parents seeking out more non-toxic baby products, many companies have changed the way they label their products in an attempt to appeal to the growing parental concern. However, just because the bottle is green or stating a more “natural” care does not mean that it is toxin-free. The truth is there are multiple baby products on the market that still contain harmful substances. Parents should take special care to read the packaging before buying baby items, especially when switching brands. The following ingredients are the most commonly found harmful substances found in many of the leading baby brands. 

  1. Talc, a mineral routinely added to baby powders and cosmetics. It has been known to irritate the lungs and in some cases, be carcinogenic.
  2. Propylene glycol may also be carcinogenic. It can open pores too wide, allowing other harmful ingredients to seep in more easily. It has been used in wiper fluid or to help de-ice an airplane but also commonly found in baby wipes.
  3.  Fragrance. It could be what makes the product smell so sweet or a substance added to mask other heavy chemicals. It is dangerous since companies are not required to disclose what the “fragrance” is made of.
  4. Mineral oil. This heavy byproduct of petroleum processing can block a baby’s pores, making it hard for them to release toxins.

These ingredients, along with many others, should be avoided at all costs to keep little ones safe. 

While finding products best for babies may be difficult, there are companies such as Nolie&Us that are devoted to producing only the very best products. They specialize in organic and plant-based items to give mothers and fathers the peace of mind they deserve. After all, they have more important things to worry about.  

Adam Legas

Adam Legas

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