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When people hear that NanoHydr8 uses”nanotechnology”, they might have heard the term, but don’t know what it means. We want you to know what nanotechnology is, and how using it in our performance enhanced hydration, benefits you, as an athlete.

Once you learn about the science used to create NanoHydr8, you’ll want to join those who are already enjoying the advantages it provides.

What is nanotechnology?

To understand the benefits of nano sizing nutrients, you should know a bit about the science used to create NanoHydr8. NanoHydr8 uses our very own “Hydrozome Technology.” Nano pertains to the science of particles measuring less than 100 nanometers. We dissolve these tiny particles into water. NanoHydr8 nanoparticles are so small that if a single red blood cell was the size of a stadium, our nanoparticle would be the size of a baseball.

Since our particles are this small, they can easily pass through barriers that normal particles cannot. NanoHydr8’s scientists have discovered and developed this exciting new, efficient way to deliver key nutrients to the cells.

The Power of Water

Hydrozome technology gives NanoHydr8 the ability to produce nano nutrients that can be dissolved in water. Water acts like a Trojan horse quickly absorbing into the bloodstream along with the nano nutrients. When encapsulated by water, nano nutrients can be delivered to the cells much more quickly than our competition.

Unique properties of nano particles used in NanoHydr8:

  • NanoHydr8 nutrients are more effective because more of the surface area of the molecule is exposed to the cell, which means that less of the nutrient is needed to produce the intended benefit
  • The nano nutrients take a more direct route to the cell, which means that its effects occur more quickly
  • Since NanoHydr8 particles are dissolved in water, the nutrients are protected as they pass through your body, meaning less of the nutrients are wasted.

The safety of nano nutrients

As with all advances in nutritional supplements, people have voiced concerns about the safety of using nanotechnology. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has conducted its own research into the safety of supplements which use nanotechnology. The only concerns that have been raised are the use of silver and copper in nano nutraceuticals. This is because the increased exposure to these metals makes it more likely to become toxic.

The US Environmental Protection Agency also monitors the safety of using nanotechnology in supplements. So far they have given nothing but praise for the work of biologists who are studying the different ways to use this technology to enhance health and wellness.


Traditional Sports Drinks

Very little of the nutrient reaches the cell. Most are excreted as waste. Most nutrients are likely to degrade in the digestive system.

Enhanced Performance Hydration

Nanohydr8 nano nutrients pass through the digestive system quickly and then goes to the cells with little to no waste.

Greater vitamin utilization

NanoHydr8 begins to absorb in the mouth, then through the stomach to the small intestine, where it’s completely absorbed. NanoHydr8’s nutrients are protected from stomach acids and simply passes through the wall of the stomach and small intestine without any processing, almost none of the nutrient molecules are lost through excretion.

Less waste

Unlike traditional “sports drinks”, NanoHydr8 releases it’s nano nutrients once the cell has absorbed the water. This results in less waste of nutrients.

Faster results

Unlike traditional “sports drinks” that are metabolized and then absorbed into the blood stream through the small intestine, NanoHydr8 nano nutrients goes directly into the blood stream and deliver the entire dose of the nutrient to the cells. Once the these nutrients are released, the cells use them immediately for nourishment, energy, electrolyte replenishment and repair of any damage.

No harmful additives

Hydrozome technology eliminates the need for additives, binders, and fillers manufactures have to use when they make traditional sports drinks.

Welcome to the new world of enhanced performance hydration!

Adam Legas

Adam Legas

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