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Every milestone is special for a parent but what if your precious little darling keeps lagging behind? There is quite a bit of prejudice when it comes to height, especially for males. A good height is considered as a sign of manliness, personality and strength, which makes it quite difficult for a shorter man[1] to make his mark in this world which is quite centered on height. Therefore, if your child is lagging behind other kids in his height goals for age, it is time to take this seriously and understand what might be causing this lag.

Growth hormone and how it affects him

Produced by the human brain, Growth Hormone is a peptide-based hormone which is responsible for your child’s growth. Also known as Somatotropin, this hormone is secreted by the somatotropin cells which are located in the lateral wings of the anterior pituitary gland of the human brain. This hormone is responsible for the physical and mental growth of your child. It also controls memory and cognitive functions which means that a deficiency of the growth hormone[2] can affect much more than your son’s height. It also affects the development of bones and muscles, which makes children more prone to fractures and low muscle mass. Children who suffer from a deficiency of growth hormone are seen to exhibit stunted growth, not only in height, but also in mental development. It affects the cognitive processes and retention power, thereby causing them to fall behind in the development goals for their age group. Deficiency of Growth Hormone can be either congenital or acquired. Certain diseases, disorders and reactions to medication or treatment can also trigger a condition in which the body slows down the production of Growth Hormone.

Understanding Human Growth Hormone Therapy

Idiopathic lack of height can be treated with hormone therapy where controlled and monitored doses of the Human Growth Hormone is administered. Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, also known as Somatropin, is a recombinant form of the naturally produced Growth Hormone which is administered to people suffering from a deficiency of the hormone. It is commonly given in the form of injections like Jintropin[3], which is to be diluted and injected into the body of the patient, in set quantities depending on the weight of the person. It also helps in the treatment of several genetic conditions such as Turner’s syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome etc.

Pros and cons

This treatment makes up for the lack of production of Growth Hormone, by your child’s body and promotes a better growth. It helps him grow taller, and improves his brain functions like cognition, memory, learning process etc. It helps in the development of stronger bones and healthy muscles, which are often affected when children suffer from a deficiency of this hormone. It aids in a healthy overall growth and helps children reach their ideal development goals smoothly.

Like every treatment, this can also exhibit some negative reactions such as swelling, pain, discomfort etc. which usually goes away as the body gets accustomed to the treatment. But parents have to be patient since the treatment does take some time to show visible effects on the growth of their child.

If you see your child lagging behind in his growth scale, consult a specialist immediately.

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