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Plano, Texas, is not only home to authentic Texan cuisines, countless national parks, and great neighborhoods. It is also where you will find the best acute-care hospitals, physicians, and dental clinics. With these facilities and the number of medical practitioners, it is undeniable that the city has one of the best healthcare services in the country. 

If you are looking for a Plano orthodontist, you are searching in the right city. In a 2017 study, there are approximately 9,000 dentists in Texas, with a considerable fraction of this population in Plano. It is not a question of availability, but more of finding the right orthodontist to help you with your dental problems. 

Then again, regardless of the availability of these specialists, people are still hesitant to seek dental help. They often wait until the problem gets worse before they visit a dental clinic. 

So, how do you know if you need to visit your orthodontist?

Most parents want to know what is the best age to bring their kids to the orthodontist. It is usually a conversation topic among parents because most of them want to know how much will it cost them. 

According to most orthodontics associations, the best age to bring your kids is when they are between seven to ten years old. Also, you do not need a referral from your dentist to see the orthodontist. 

Though there is really no best age for a child to undergo any orthodontic treatment, it is best if they can undergo orthodontic evaluation early on. This gives the orthodontist the chance to check any dental problems. And since you know the problem early on, you can also decide on the best courses of action to solve the problem. 

What are the early indications that your child needs to undergo early orthodontic evaluation? 

A child can always benefit from an early orthodontic evaluation. There are a handful of signs you need to check, though. These signs mean that you need to visit your Plano orthodontist right away. 

  • Premature losing of baby teeth due to trauma or cavities
  • Breathing through one’s mouth or snoring 
  • Not proper meeting of teeth when biting together 
  • Overcrowded or protruding teeth 
  • Experiences difficulty in chewing or biting 
  • Thumb sucking
  • History of missing or impacted teeth 

In some instances, your orthodontist may suggest for your child to undergo a series of treatments that will commence a year to five years after the first evaluation. There are also cases where the orthodontist suggests measures to intercept the development of dental problems. 

How can your child benefit from early dental treatment? 

It is better to take advantage of the increasing number of orthodontists in Plano by visiting one as early as possible. Early orthodontic evaluation and treatment are usually known as “phase one” of the entire treatment process. This is then followed by further treatments when the child gets a bit older. 

A severe bite-related problem is one of the issues that can be addressed by early orthodontic treatment. The right orthodontic appliances can make room for adult teeth to grow in its proper place in the mouth. Aside from that, early treatment can also prevent emotional and physical trauma that results from poorly aligned front teeth. 


The presence and availability of orthodontists in Plano should be enough encouragement for you to bring your kids for an early assessment. Aside from correcting dental problems early on, you are also teaching your kids the importance of proper oral hygiene. 

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