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While the pandemic has forced us to stay apart, it certainly hasn’t forced us to slow down. In fact, for many of us, Covid-19 is a great opportunity to striver even harder to grow your business. 

Why is that? Not only do you most likely have more time on your hands, but the world is favorable to innovators. One of the best ways to be an innovator is to think on your feet and keep up with (or ahead of) the latest trends.

As a successful entrepreneur and a leader in the real estate field, Michael Andrew Lauchlan has built his brand on innovation. By thinking on his feet, Lauchlan has been able to grow his business by thinking ahead to what people will want in the future. 

It’s with this experience that Michael Andrew Lauchlan is sharing his top picks. Here are Lauchlans’ best real estate virtual tour software in 2020.

3DVista Virtual Tour Pro

A favorite among real estate professionals, 3DVista Virtual Pro is easy to use no matter your technological skill level. Not only can 3DVista Virutal Tour Pro easily create the perfect tour for your clients, but also offers virtual reality and live panorama options to really set your services apart. This gives you the added capability to bring the property as close to your clients without them having to step a foot outside of their home.


Starting at only $10, CloudPano is the most affordable option on the list. CloudPano allows you to post as many tours as you’d like for your clients without driving your costs through the roof. Are you uncertain about signing onto a device that you’re unsure how to use? Users also say that their world-class customer service team help keep the process simple.


If you want to ensure that your clients are able to access every part of your property without paying a heavy price tag, Panoskin is a great option for you. On Panoskin, you can post videos, photos, text, links, and more! With all these options, you can meet a client’s need to see the property without physically being able to be there.


Don’t know where to start when it comes to setting up the best virtual tour for your clients? My360 is the right software for you. While My360 is user friendly, it doesn’t sacrifice quality to do so. 

With detailed guidance, My360 allows you to create a 30-minute tour of a property for your clients. Need help? Check out their support line or Facebook group which users rave about to help you provide the best virtual tour to your clients with ease.

While the monthly payment is higher than some of the other options on the list, IMoviewer is a trusted virtual tour software among reputable professionals across the globe. Built specifically for the real estate industry, professionals in the field rely on IMoviewer to showcase their properties with its detail-focused designs to catch your clients’ eyes.

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