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Are you looking for a solution to your sleep deprivation without having to get a prescription? Melatonin may be just what you need for a better night’s sleep. This supplement may help assist those with sleep disorders and restlessness. 

Keep reading to learn more about this supplement so that you can find the best melatonin for you. 

What Is Melatonin and How Does It Work?

A melatonin supplement is the synthetic version of the naturally-occurring hormone, melatonin. This supplement is used by those with sleep disorders like insomnia, but can conveniently be found at your local health store or pharmacy, with no prescription needed. Melatonin is an antioxidant and is thought to have additional benefits from treating headaches to boosting the immune system. 

Some of the Best Melatonin Products out There 

If you’ve been looking for a sleep aid supplement that is safe and effective, keep reading for some of our favorite melatonin products. Try one out that sounds like it would be the best fit for you.  

Sugarbear Sleep Vegan Gummy Vitamins

Did you know that you can get a melatonin supplement in the form of a tasty gummy? Give yourself a nighttime treat with these melatonin sleep gummies that are packed with tons of great ingredients to help you get a great night’s sleep. Along with three milligrams of melatonin, each gummy is also packed with amino acids, supplements, and botanicals.

The gummies are blended with magnesium, which helps your muscles relax naturally. Valerian root is also included in each gummy to help promote a night of deep sleep. L-Theanine is another helpful ingredient that can help you regulate your sleeping cycle, creating consistency with your sleep habits. 

These ingredients help your body make its own melatonin more effectively. The gummies are also vegan and gluten-free, so they work within many diet restrictions. The recommended dosage is two gummies, making the daily dosage 6 milligrams of melatonin, a strong dosage great for anyone with serious sleep issues.

Good Day Chocolate Melatonin Supplement  

If your child is experiencing sleeping problems, this is a great option for them. Not only does the supplement taste like candy, but it is also very easy to control the dosage, as there is one milligram per tablet. Each tablet is made with real fair trade chocolate and soothing chamomile along with the milligram of melatonin. 

This is a great option for the whole household. You can easily figure out what dosage works best for you, and you can safely take up to four tablets a night. 

Try Melatonin to Improve Your Sleep

Sleep is important for everyone, and affects your daily functionality, from your mood to your diet. Make sure you are getting the best sleep while using all-natural supplements instead of potentially harmful prescription drugs. Finding the best melatonin for you can help improve your sleep cycle, leaving you to wake up feeling refreshed. 

For more educational information when it comes to learning more about your sleep cycle, head to the “sleep education” section of our site!

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