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Want to know how to build bigger biceps? The human body was not made for competitive sports. Our genetic makeup gives us the ability to exhibit short bursts of speed and strength when an emergency or danger threatens, but otherwise our bodies prefer a leisurely pace through life. Not sedentary, but relaxed walks and bicycle trips or a brief dip in the water. That’s what the body enjoys, but that isn’t what’s going to get you the body you want!

No, our bodies have to be specifically trained and conditioned for endurance and strength. We have to train our bodies to push passed the barriers of exhaustion and pain. Bodies have to be conditioned to overcome extremes in order to see results and/or to gain that healthy look that everyone envies and tries to emulate. It can be done, but the body has to be tricked into it.

If you are looking to learn how to build bigger biceps, start by utilizing nutritional supplements. Specifically, liquid BCAAs. Branched-chain amino acids, as they’re called, give your body the illusion that it is not overworking itself during intensive and extensive training sessions. The amino acids, especially leucine, are broken up in your liver and then delivered to the main muscle masses, where they are turned into glycogen — which is the fuel that muscles burn when they are under stress. When this glycogen starts to run out, your muscles begin to shut down — they may simply respond slower, or grow weaker, or even go into spasms. That is what keeps people from literally running themselves to death; the muscles intervene by going on a sit-down strike. But add BCAAs to the equation and suddenly the muscles are not running out of fuel at all, and so they get tricked into working harder and longer than ordinary.

Some people take BCAAs at the end of there workout for muscle recovery. However, you need those aminos while you are breaking down your muscles. By simply taking this powerful supplement before your training session you will increase the intensity of your workout and push through premature fatigue.

The addition of BCAAs to a good diet actually makes the muscles that are working the hardest start to grow larger. Your muscles and ligaments, like the rest of your body, are 90% water. When muscles are undernourished and denied their proper fuel, they begin to extrude water and shrink, which is their way of conserving energy. But when a steady flow of BCAAs are available, the muscles get a little bit greedy; they take in all those amino acids and even begin to store some of them up for a rainy day. This swells muscle tissue and also repairs muscles creating those biceps and six packs you are looking to obtain.

By making sure your protein intake is supplemented with BCAAs will insure that when you reach a training plateau, where you think you can’t go any faster, longer, or lift anything heavier, you will be able to tell your mind to go sit in a corner while your body automatically takes over to increase the stress and strain without stopping.

Amino acids, especially leucine, seem to provide a mild sedative effect to muscles on the verge of collapse — it gives them just enough of a boost to get them up to the next level of endurance and/or strength. Muscles, of course, do not actually think — but they do respond to a variety of stimuli, and BCAAs seem to stimulate muscles to go the extra mile instead of slowing up or cramping.

NanoHydr8 – Giving BCAAs and More!

Nanohydr8 provides those of you who sweat the energy, electrolytes and amino acids you need to make the most of your workouts. We take proven ingredients and break them into hundreds of tiny particles that instantly absorb into your bloodstream. Your body then delivers needed nutrients through out your body while you are working out. This means you can push your body and begin seeing the results you want to see from your hard work.

Learn more about NanoHydr8! You will be amazed.   

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