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It’s frustrating to hit the gym several times a week, using your waist trainer and not see the results you want. If you’re stuck on your big lifts or not seeing the results you want, you should switch things up. 

Read on to find our tips on breaking through a stubborn weight lifting plateau. 

Increase the Intensity

One of the easiest ways to break out of a workout plateau is to amp up the intensity. If you’ve been stuck in the 10-12 rep range, dial it back to 8-10 but increase the weights. If you’ve been lifting heavy weights for 6-8 reps, amp it up to 20-25 repetitions with a lower weight.

Don’t scoff at the low weight, high rep scheme. Studies show it’s as effective at building muscle as high weight, low rep workouts. 

Change Your Routine

Varying your routine is better for muscle-building than performing the same exercises over and over. Since muscles adapt to exercises, keep them guessing to bust out of your strength training plateau.

If you tend to use the machines at the gym, try hitting the dumbbells instead. If you’ve been using dumbbells for some time, add some barbell work into your routine. 

Add new techniques to your regimen. Drop-sets, giant sets, and supersets are great ways to vary how you lift weights. 

Add Supplements

Supplementation is helpful if you need to fill gaps in your nutrition. The right stack can help you perform better and break your strength plateau.

Protein powder is an easy way to hit your protein goals. A post-workout protein smoothie delivers the nutrients your body needs to recover. 

Mass gainers can help you hit a caloric surplus fast. This is effective for people trying to gain weight or build a ton of muscle.

Creatine will give you the energy you need to move big weights in the gym.

HGH and steroids are synthetic substances that some serious athletes like to use. They can increase your total muscle mass and enhance your muscle development. Learn more about HGH vs steroids before adding them to your stack.

BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) can delay the onset of fatigue. This means you can work out for longer and at a higher intensity before fatiguing. 


If you want to overcome a plateau in weight lifting, your body needs time to rest.

Get enough sleep at night to give your muscles time to repair themselves.

Take days off from the gym. If you’re visiting the weight stack every day, you’re doing more harm than good

Serious athletes might also consider scheduling in a recovery week. If you’re hitting the gym hard, schedule in 7 days of rest every ten weeks to sidestep overtraining. 

Remember, your muscles recover and get bigger outside of the gym.  

Bust Through Your Weight Lifting Plateau

Pack your bag and hit the gym. You will bust through our weight lifting plateau with our helpful tips in your back pocket.

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