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All over the world, social distancing measures have been put into place, restricting daily activities. Governments are asking citizens to stay at home and stay safe. Although such interventions are necessary, they also point to the fact that most people are spending much of their time just sitting at home. 

You can only imagine how much gym time is getting lost, and millions of people suffering the negative effects of physical inactivity. However, fitness coaches can play a critical role in supporting people to stay active so that they are healthy enough to self-manage their lives and various health conditions during this period.

Damen Griffith, an award-winning online fitness coach is helping millions of people around the world to stay physically fit during the Covid-19 pandemic, from the comfort of their homes. His renowned fitness solutions include breaking down the best proteins, carbs, and fats to consume throughout your day, and the best times to consume specific foods. He employs over 14 years of lifting and nutrition experience to guide his clients through a sustainable fitness regimen. In this article, Damen talks about the Coronavirus pandemic, how it is changing how we exercise, and what you can do about it.

Social Distancing and Physical Inactivity

The impact of the physical inactivity stemming from staying at home may very likely be seen in many areas. These include, but are not limited to, health and social care and the mental well-being of people all across the world.

Decreased physical activity brings about the likelihood of musculoskeletal deconditioning. During lockdowns, many people’s daily activity movements are restricted, and musculoskeletal deconditioning is likely to happen. But in fit and healthy people this will be less noticeable. Musculoskeletal deconditioning may pose a significant threat to life, potentially increasing the risk of injuries related to falls, like hip fractures. When such problems are added up to the health and social care services that are already under stress, we will surely see negative long-lasting implications  .

However, while social distancing measures mean that people have far fewer opportunities to be physically active, it  also means there is an opportunity to squeeze in something new into our lives because everything is double-sided, and even disaster comes with several benefits. 

Although such activities as jogging, walking the dog, or going to the gym are being restricted, Damen believes we can still do something about it.

How To Exercise While Staying Safe

During the pandemic, maintaining a physically active lifestyle is a challenge for everyone. Damen insists that it is critical that we plan ways to be active and reduce sedentary time. Movement around the neighborhood, town, city, country, and the world might be restricted, but it is important that we sit less. In addition to the exercises that Damen recommends, make sure that the intensity of the exercise matches your fitness levels and health status. Always choose the right activity to reduce the risk of injury, and do not exercise if you have a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing. Remember to observe social distancing when exercising outside and practice proper hand hygiene before and after.

Why You Should Be Exercising More Now

Stress and distress is a real issue during these trying times. The whole experience of surviving a pandemic causes the body to experience an imbalance in cortisol levels which negatively influences immune function. Even if it is only a short break from sitting at the desk and doing some stretching or walking, physical activity will help bring cortisol levels in balance. Although, we are dealing with a pandemic at the moment, people all over the globe are still recommended to stay fit for the benefit of their mental and physical conditions. Especially during periods of extended lockdowns, there are also special groups of people that need professional management of their conditions. In a scenario where such services and systems are needed, Damen can help too. Physical activity and the benefits thereof are one important way of helping people who are suffering from the nasty symptoms of Covid-19. According to Damen maintaining a physically active lifestyle is the only sure way to self-manage symptoms such as pain, stiffness, fatigue, or breathlessness. Seek out the opportunity to connect with Damen.

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