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Have you ever come down with a serious flu or something similar—and spent days or even weeks in bed, unable to eat food or escape the misery? If so, you know what it’s like when you are just RUN OVER by a cold, or mono, or strep throat or the flu. It’s no fun. And by the 5th day of not eating and maybe not drinking – you feel weak, void of strength or energy, and probably thinking that the couch is where you will stay forever.

Have you ever been prescribed by your doctor in these situations to find an “electrolyte drink” or that electrolytes and hydration should be your primary focus as you begin to get well?

We are using this example to illustrate why, as an athlete or fitness fanatic, you should regularly be supplementing your training with  a solid electrolyte drink suitable for adults.

When you are sick, many times, you can’t eat and sometimes can’t drink because of nausea or throwing up. It’s not fun. When your body is being attacked by a virus and you are not hydrated, your body begins to get seriously out of balance. You have no fuel coming in with food or drink—hence why your family doctor might say you need to address dehydration with electrolytes.

You probably understand the concept of dehydration and how to hydrate, but what are electrolytes??

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, Electrolytes are ‘minerals in your body that have an electric charge….they help balance the amount of water in your body, balance your body’s pH level, move nutrients IN to your cells and wastes OUT of your cells, and make sure your nerves, muscles, heart and brain work the way they should.”  As you can see, our bodies RELY ON electrolytes to function and function optimally.

When you are sick and depleted, restoring electrolytes helps you get well, get strong, get energy.

Similarly, when we train hard on a regular basis, it can be easy to slip into a situation where we unintentionally are not eating enough and are not supplementing our nutrition. When this happens, we can easily become dehydrated, under-nourished, and totally out of balance when it comes to electrolytes. We can see a decrease in energy and experience a harder recovery between workouts. We’ll encounter cramping and muscle soreness more than if we were properly fueled and nourished.

How do we fix this possibly damaging scenario? The good thing is, these are easy fixes. First of all, check your eating. Make sure you are eating enough and getting enough protein and vegetables and fruits and WATER. Then, you need to invest in a electrolyte drink that is ideal for adult consumption.

We’ve got you. You probably knew that was coming. Check out Nanohydr8. Nanohydr8 is the best electrolyte drink on the market, if we say so ourselves. (Please read our reviews from satisfied raving fans and customers!) Nanohydr8 is the premier source for a electrolyte restoration and hydration.  You want a pre-workout drink that’s high in electrolytes, but also with great macros and clean ingredients?  That’s right. We’ve got your electrolyte hydration drink and guess what—it also provides a solid macros without caffeine AND is sweetened with Stevia and Monk Fruit NOT loads of sugar or artificial sweeteners.


Zoom in on this:  Nanohydr8 also comes with a full 100% Satisfaction Guarantee? The founder of Nanohydr8 knows that THIS electrolyte hydration drink will fuel your workouts with clean energy and restore your electrolyte balance and hydrate you, all while improving you performance—or he’ll give you your money back. (SPOILER: we don’t get refund requests because our customers LOVE the taste, the energy, the ingredients, the macros and the RESULTS they get when using Nanohydr8!) Step up your game now with Nanohydr8!

Adam Legas

Adam Legas

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