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Beta-alanin (BA), an amino acid with great potential for strength and recovery, has recently had increased attention from exercise physiologists and is fast becoming a popular ergogenic aid to sports performance. Research shows that beta-alanin may be a unique, powerful addition to practically anyone’s supplement program. Best of all is its amazing synergy with other heavily researched supplements like creatine and BCAAs.

Beta-alanin Benefits as supported by Scientific StudiesBoosts explosive muscular strength and power output.Increases muscle mass.Boosts muscular anaerobic endurance.Increases aerobic endurance.Increases exercise capacity so you can train harder and longer.

What is Beta-alanin?

Beta-alanin (BA) was discovered over 100 years ago. It is a non-essential amino acid and is the only naturally occurring beta-amino acid. Not to be confused with alanine, beta- alanine is classified as a non-proteinogenic amino acid as it is not used in the building of proteins.

First understand how Carnosine works.

As exercise intensity increases the body attempts to fight intramuscular change in the pH by buffering hydrogen, a physiologic correction that can delay fatigue. A buffering agent call Carnosine, a cytoplasmic dipeptide naturally found in skeletal muscles, provide the first line of defense against local changes in pH. Carnosine concentration fluctuates depending on need with higher concentration in fast-twitch muscle fibers. Carnosine is believed to enhance exercise performance by maintaining adequate stores of adenosine triphosphate, increases muscle fiber sensitivity to calcium and acts as an antioxidant to combat oxidative stress.

Why is beta-alanin important?

The rate limiting factor in carnosine synthesis is beta-alanin availability. Simply put without beta-alanin carnosine isn’t produced. Beta-alanin has been shown to significantly elevate carnosine levels, thereby potentially delaying the onset of fatigue. NanoHydr8 understands the importance of this amino acid and has included it as one of the 8 vital ingredients that make up our sport hydration. With betal-alanine our goal is to raise the muscle carnosine levels, enhance the body’s capacity to buffer H+ ions generated by intense exercise, thereby prolonging time to fatigue and improve athletic performance.

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