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December 17, 2020

2020 has been a year like no other due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic that has rumbled on all year round. Because of the pandemic, our normal day to day life has changed drastically due to lockdowns closing most of the things we would visit.

Trying to keep fit has never been more important as we try to protect ourselves not only from the disease but to also help out mental well being. Most gyms and fitness classes have been disturbed or stopped during the pandemic which means we have all had to find different ways to keep our fitness levels up.

Many people have now started to go on daily walks which has helped them immensely and day hiking has become even more popular than ever.

Here are some basic tips if you are new to day hiking to help you get started.

Find Comfortable Footwear

A common mistake people make on their first ever walking hike is to wear the wrong kind of footwear. You are going to be on your feet for a fair amount of time depending how far you decide to hike for so comfy footwear is a must.

The terrain that you will be walking on can also play a factor in what type of shoes, trainers or boots you should wear as well as weather conditions. For example if you are going to be hiking up hills and the weather has been wet recently then the ground is likely to be soggy or muggy so wearing walking boots or wellies is a better choice than wearing trainers.

If your hike is mainly going to be on pavements or roadsides then the ground you will be walking on is going to be hard and very harsh on the feet so again this will determine what is the best footwear you should be using.

Carry The Essentials With You

If you are going out on a long hike it’s important that you take with you some essentials such as water, snacks, a compass and your phone.

It can be annoying having to carry stuff with you when you are out on a hike but using a specialised Hiking backpack can help as they are designed specifically for hiking. They will have lots of different compartments for all the essential items you may need to carry as well as being easy and comfortable to carry with you.

It’s a good idea to create a list of all the essentials that you may need that covers every possible circumstance so that you can tick them off before you leave on your hike as you do not want to be forgetting something that could be vital for your hike only to realise much later that you do not have the said item.

Take Company With You

Although the Covid19 Pandemic means that you are unlikely to go out with a group of friends on a hike you can go out with people in your household or support bubble, having company on a long hike can really help keep morale up as you can spur each other on when you start to feel tired.

Also having someone to chat to while hiking can really speed up the time, you could end up losing hours without realising it by nattering away with your hiking colleague.

It can also help build morale between people as you work out which directions to walk in to reach your hiking target.

To Sum Up

Hiking is a great form of exercise to get you fit that is completely safe to partake in during the pandemic. As gyms, swimming pools and fitness classes have become harder to partake in and become less safe due to the way Covid19 is spread, walking has become a very popular and safe way to keep fit.

The fresh air will help with your mental well being and hiking on different types of terrain can also really elevate your fitness levels and muscles.

It’s important to remember though if you are new to long walks or hiking to start off gently, choosing easier and shorter hikes to begin with.

Gradually as your fitness levels improve you can then start going on more adventurous longer walks and hikes.

It’s also important if you are going out on a long hike by yourself to always let someone know of your movements and keep a charged mobile phone with you in case you run into any trouble.

Adam Legas

Adam Legas

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