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People ask me all the time if Nanohydr8 really works.   Then others are more direct and say “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.” 

Well, first of all, I have never claimed this to be a magic potion.  Yes, it works, but if you want the biggest muscles possible, and don’t care about price or side effects, then for sure you should take anabolic steroids.  If you want superhuman endurance, you should take erythropoietin (EPO), like Lance Armstrong admitted to taking.  If you want a crazy boost of energy, snort cocaine.  You get the point. There are things that have more intense effects, but in most cases, they come at a huge price.

There are almost no sports performance experts that dispute that ATP, B vitamins and caffeine at a reasonable dose is a safe way to get energy that is effective in physical activity.

Same goes for electrolytes being essential for proper hydration, and amino acids being the building blocks for muscle as they are crucial for proper recovery from intense physical exertion.

So, what we’ve claimed and what has been confirmed by hundreds of our loyal customers, month after month, is NanoHyd8 works!  Through our Nano-technology our customers are experiencing sustained energy, improved hydration, increased strength and extended endurance more than with any other supplement they have used. 

I will admit that when I see the enormous percentage of our daily orders that are repeat customers it makes me feel great!

I know our Nano-technology is real and has been extensively tested and proven. When I see the results of our customers it reconfirms my belief that if we take proven basic supplements and deliver them more effectively it will enhance athletic performance.

Today, I came across a study done by 12 nutritional scientists in Nutrition Journal, that found hydration benefits that I wasn’t even aware of.

The basic summary of their findings are that there appears to be hydration benefits in combining BCAA and electrolyte over the traditional electrolyte sports beverages or electrolyte infused water. 

It does seem that Nanohydr8 has more powerful effects than we originally expected or even hoped for. So, it’s great when science confirms effects that we have already been noticing ourselves and getting in the feedback of our customers.

So, the bottom line is that for increased energy, effective cellular hydration, increased speed and strength as a result of proper recovery, Nanohydr8 is the best performing supplement that exists.  The results of elite athletes and the findings of extensive scientific studies only confirm this further every day.

Adam Legas

Adam Legas

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