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When you train hard, you have a lot more details in your life to manage. You have to find a way to eat the best foods for your fitness goals and that often requires meal prepping and packing your own foods vs. eating out with friends a lot. Furthermore, you are likely adding in vitamins and supplements to complement what you are doing with your nutrient dense meals. If you aren’t doing this yet, time to do some research. Why put all this time into your passion and your goals without doing all you can to obtain the BEST results? Supplements do just that.

What’s interesting is that one of the most important supplements we need when we train hard is often the most overlooked. What is this?


Talk about basic! But seriously, hydration and REHYDRATION after training is foundational to long-term success. When you train hard, you are sweating and therefore disrupting the balance of water in your body. That imbalance needs to be addressed. Your body needs hydration. It’s very easy when we train hard, and continually increase our training intensity, to lose our focus on hydration. That’s right- to not drink enough water when we aren’t in the gym, let alone when we are training. So if you add a lack of hydration to an intense training schedule where your body becomes more dehydrated,  you can see how easy it is for your body to be in a state of serious NEED.

You have to focus on regular rehydration. When you work out you need a rehydration drink supplement in addition to chugging that water. Doing both when you are training and after will ensure you are replacing the electrolytes burned during your workout.

What are the best rehydration drink supplements? There are virtually dozens and probably hundreds of options, but you want to be very careful with choosing the right one. If you put this much time and energy into your training and your meal prep, why wing it when it comes to hydration supplements? Don’t do it. Lots of brands that say they have the best rehydration drink are really selling you a can of sugar laced with caffeine that will leave you jittery and with an upset stomach. Ingredients count.

We can strongly recommend Nanohydr8. Why? Because it does what it says it will do and it’s backed by an unmatched 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You don’t find that floating around in supplementville, trust us. THIS 32-OZ BOTTLE CONTAINS A CONCENTRATED VERSION OF OUR POWERFUL ENERGY BOOSTERS, REPLENISHING ELECTROLYTES AND RESTORATIVE MUSCLE BUILDERS ALL IN NANO-SIZED PARTICLES THAT RUSH NUTRITION THROUGHOUT YOUR BODY.

If you are looking for the best rehydration drink supplement and you want one that tastes great and isn’t jacked with caffeine, we are your huckleberry. Drink up- redhydrate like a boss and watch your performance soar.

Adam Legas

Adam Legas

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