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Chipping a tooth can be an alarming experience. Depending on the amount of trauma to your mouth, you may experience pain and bleeding while wondering what to do next. 

Fortunately, chipping your tooth doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience. By following a few tips, you can be well on your way to a pain-free and beautifully restored smile. 

If you are wondering what to do when you chip a tooth, here are the steps you should follow. 

Rinse Out Your Mouth

After you’ve chipped a tooth, the first thing you should do is rinse your mouth out with water. If you were hit in the mouth with an object or were just roughing around, you want to make sure the area is clean from any debris. Rinsing your mouth is also ideal if you are bleeding.

Stop the Bleeding

Depending on the way you chipped your tooth, you might be bleeding. Stop the bleeding by applying pressure to the area with a clean towel or your clean hands. Be sure to keep your head tilted forward so you do not swallow any blood. 

Reduce the Swelling

If your mouth is swelling from the trauma, it’s best to reduce the swelling right away. You can use a cold or warm compress or rinse with saltwater. You can also use an ice pack or an ice cube wrapped in a clean cloth. 

Take an Over-The-Counter Pain Reliever

The impact you experienced that chipped your tooth will probably result in some pain. Fortunately, you can reduce the pain with an over-the-counter pain reliever. Be sure to follow the instructions and not take too many, as doing so can cause you to get sick. 

Apply Dental Cement

A great tip for what to do if you chip a tooth is to apply dental cement to the area. Dental cement is a temporary fix you can buy in your local drugstore that will seal the area until you can see a dentist. Follow the directions on the back of the package to make sure you are using the product correctly.

Contact Your Dentist

Contact your dentist to schedule a visit as soon as possible. If for some reason you are not able to contact your regular dentist, search for an emergency dentist in your area. It’s important to see a dentist right away so you can have a fully-functioning mouth as soon as possible. 

This Is What to Do When You Chip a Tooth

It’s normal to wonder what to do when you chip a tooth and fortunately, you don’t have to do too much. 

Rinse out your mouth to clean the area and apply pressure to stop any bleeding. Reduce the swelling by applying a cold compress and take an over-the-counter pain reliever. Apply dental cement to seal the wound and contact your dentist for emergency services. 

Take these steps after chipping a tooth to minimize the damage to your teeth.

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