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As a 21st century parent in Colorado Springs, you already have more than you bargained for on your plate. You rarely get the time to enjoy the beautiful ski resorts such as Aspen and Vail, as well as the long string of natural wonders in your town. So, the idea of adding play therapy to your already full plate may not seem appealing. 

It may especially look like a waste of your precious time as your kid spends all their free time playing. But, there is more to play therapy Colorado Springs than meets the eye. Read on to see what it is, and some of the benefits your kid(s) accrue from play therapy.  

What is Play Therapy?

Children are not wired to view the world from a logical point of view. They instead experience it through play and exploration. Thus, they lack the cognitive skills to process as well as verbal skills to talk about their emotions or problems to parents or adults. 

In that breath, play therapy in Colorado Springs is a form of counseling that, as the name suggests, mainly uses play to help a therapist understand and resolve psychological challenges a child may be experiencing.

Benefits of Play Therapy in Colorado

Some of the perks your child accrues from play therapy in Colorado Springs include:The Ability to Process Emotions

Children have billions of brain cells which even though active, lack complex neural interconnectivity present in an adult brain. Therefore, though they may not show it, children feel and struggle with emotions too. They undergo grief when they lose a close loved one and trauma after a divorce. 

If these issues are left unprocessed and unaddressed, they will find other undesirable ways to express these feelings. For instance, they become socially withdrawn or incredibly clingy. Also, these issues will negatively impact the adult they become. 

During play therapy in Colorado Springs, the therapist will identify behaviors indicating such problems, and help the child work through it. Also, as a parent, the therapist will help you learn how to talk to your child through play, so you can help them process negative emotions or problems. Alleviate Undesirable Behaviors 

When your child throws a toy at you, they are not acting out; they are simply expressing themselves. They are going through something but lack the cognitive and verbal skills to express it. As mentioned, the main benefit of taking your child to play therapy in Colorado is it helps them learn to process their emotions. Thus, they learn how to talk about something they are angry about instead of throwing that toy at you.Improves Social Skills

To fully express themselves, a child undergoing play therapy in Colorado must first trust the therapist. They also learn how different choices affect their relationships with others. For instance, if your child decides to cheat during the play, they’ll learn from the therapist’s reaction, why doing so is not good. This further strengthens their social skills, as it helps them understand the thoughts and feelings of other people, and what they should and shouldn’t do when they interact with them.Promotes Independence and Creative Thinking

During play therapy, your child is often in control of what happens. They choose what toys they want to play with and the direction the play should take. This opportunity to make a choice helps them become independent and stimulates creative thinking. It is also beneficial for you as you learn how to let your child make their own choices without feeling like a bad parent.Stronger Bonds with Family and Friends

A better-behaved child, one who knows how to respect the feelings of others and can do things independently, will create stronger bonds with friends and family.

Play is the universal language of children. So if your child has been acting out off-late, sitting them down and expecting them to talk about what’s troubling them will not yield any results. Therefore, contact play therapy in Colorado Springs experts as soon as today and learn to speak in your child’s language.

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