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When ladies get ready for the day, they need to be ready for the drop-in temperature that is associated with fall. You could start dressing in a more stylish way when you take a look at what Gucci has available on The RealReal. Plus, you can begin combining pieces that you find with the clothes that are already in your closet. You can wear some of these items into the winter, a couple of these pieces will work in the spring and summer. 

Flared Jeans

Flared jeans will always look amazing, but they work especially well in the fall when you are wearing chunky sweaters or sweatshirts over them. Plus, the flared jeans leave a little bit to the imagination when you wear heels. You can make yourself appear much taller than you are, and the jeans can go anywhere from the office on Friday to a dinner date that night. Plus, you can wear here jeans all year because they work well with t-shirts and slimming tops.

The Ladies Fedora

The ladies fedora is different from a men’s fedora. When a man wears a fedora, it does not provide the same level of style that it provides for a lady. Plus, these fedoras tend to be a bit smaller and have the “Double G” logo that you get with all your Gucci items. This is a great hat to wear when it is cold outside, and this is a nice hat to wear to work because it looks elegant and professional. 

The Leather Blazer

The leather blazer is the perfect fall piece because you can throw it on over any outfit that you have created. Plus, you can wear these blazers to any event that you like. You could even wear a leather blazer over an evening gown before you get to a big event. People will be surprised to see you shed the blazer for a gorgeous gown, and the blazer will keep you warm when you head back to the car late at night.

Someone who is wearing a leather blazer can take it to work instead of wearing a trench coat, and you may wear the leather blazer when you go out on a cold night with your date. The blazer is just just like. Men’s jacket, but it is cinched a bit at the waist to give you some shape.

The Pencil Skirt

You can check The RealReal for the pencil skirt that you need for work, and you should use the pencil skirt as a way to dress up for work or get ready for work. These skirts should drop to your knee, and they often have a small slit that makes them look like they came from a bygone era. These skirts come in many colors, and they are made of wool which will keep you a bit warmer. Plus, you can wear these skirts in the early spring when it is still a bit chilly in the morning.


You can buy many more things from Gucci if you look around The RealReal for fall fashion. Most people who are trying to find the best fall fashions will need to get dressed for fall so that they can stay warm, but you also need to consider what you can do that will make it easy for you to look your best. A lady who has built her wardrobe around the few pieces that are listed above will always look fashionable. Plus, a lady who is dressed well will be warm, have clothes for early spring, and have many pieces to mix and match.

Adam Legas

Adam Legas

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