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Working out may have been part of your daily routine before the world pandemic hit. Yet with your gym closed, it’s no longer an option to stop by before or after work for a quick exercise class or treadmill session.

Even if you can’t go to the gym, you can still work out at home. You don’t need any equipment except your body to help you stay in shape until things open back up.

Try these 8 no-equipment exercises to help you get back your strength and fitness, even without a gym to visit.

1. Be Your Own Superhero

Superman is a favorite comic book hero, but it’s also a great back exercise. You don’t need any equipment.

Lay down on your stomach with your arms out in front of you. When you’re ready, lift your arms and legs at the same time so that you look like you’re flying. Then rest and do it again.

You don’t have to search for “back exercises no equipment” anymore. Just do 40 seconds of superman exercises, with a 20-second rest. Try three sets of these.

2. Flutter Legs

If “ab exercises no equipment” has become your standard search term, then this is a great one for you. Focusing on your core helps the rest of your body stay strong, too. In fact, often you can’t work on other areas of your body if your core isn’t strong enough to help you.

Start out laying on your back, with your arms down at your sides. Place your hands in a triangle shape under your seat to help you keep your lower back from arching. Then lift your legs up to a 45° angle.

Now flutter your legs, or scissor kick them. The left goes up and the right goes down, before switching them. Do this for about 40 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds. Repeat for two more sets.

If you can’t complete the set without breaking form, then take a break. It’s more important that you keep your form correct, without arching your back, so that you keep your body safe. Try the exercise again in a day or two, and you might find you’re able to complete the entire set.

3. Total Body Plank Jacks

Plank jacks are part of a whole-body home workout. This exercise works your arms and your core and your legs.

Start out in plank position, with your arms straight underneath you and your toes out behind you. Jump your legs in toward your arms. Then jump them back to plank position.

Now jump your legs out to the sides, like a jumping jack, and jump them back in. Those are the steps for one plank jack. Try to do these for 40 seconds, and then rest for 20 seconds before completing two more sets.

4. No-Equipment Exercises: Lunges

Reverse lunges are another great leg workout you can do at home. Stand up straight and stretch your right leg straight behind you. Bend both legs so that your left thigh is parallel to the ground and your right thigh is perpendicular.

Both legs should form right angles. Stand up, and then switch legs and do the same lunge.

Try this exercise for 40 seconds, followed by a 20-second rest. Then repeat for two more sets.

5. Mountain Climbers

Here’s another great core workout. It also makes your arms work hard.

Get into a plank position. Lift your right knee and pull it toward your chest, then return it to plank position. Now repeat with the left knee.

Do 40 seconds of mountain climbers with a 20-second rest. Repeat for 2 more sets.

6. Air Squats

Air squats are one of the best leg workouts at home you can do. Here’s how to go about it:

Sit in an air squat. This means you sit down like you’re going to sit in a chair, but make sure that your knees don’t go past your toes. Keep your hips back and lower your seat until your thighs are parallel with the ground.

A great variation on this is to sit in your air squat, and then hold all your weight on your left leg. Extend your right leg out in front of you and tap your toe. Then pull your leg back in.

Do the same thing, tapping to your right and bringing it back to center. Then slide your right foot back and tap your toe behind you, before bringing it back to center.

Without standing up, switch your weight to your right leg, and repeat the exercise, tapping your left toe in front, to the side, and behind you. Do this for 40 seconds, and rest for 20 seconds. Then repeat twice more.

7. Work Your Arms

Use a single leg tricep dip to work your upper arms and triceps. Sit down and lean back on your arms. Then lift your right leg into the air at a 45° angle.

Now use your left leg and arms to lift your seat off the ground, and bend your elbows. Do this for 40 seconds, and rest for 20. Then switch legs.

8. Glute Bridge

Give your booty some shaping action when you try a glute bridge. Bonus: it’s also good for your core.

Lay on the ground with your knees bent. Use your legs to lift your seat up so that you have a straight line from your knees to your stomach. Lower back to the ground.

Repeat for 40 seconds, and then rest for 20. Do two more sets.

The Best Fitness Routine

These 8 no-equipment exercises will help you lose your extra quarantine weight and get back in shape. Yet the best fitness routine is one that works for you. If you need to modify these because of physical limitations, that’s okay.

Find an exercise plan that doesn’t intimidate you. Then ditch the excuses and get it done! You’ll love the results.

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