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Around 15% of all overdoses involve methamphetamine use. This drug presents a serious threat to the health of American society. 

Like most drugs, meth damages the body both mentally and physically. In the beginning, it may be possible to hide meth use. It may not begin as an addiction, but it can quickly become one. As the addiction progresses, signs of this damage start to show. 

If you suspect a loved one is using meth, look for these warning signs before contacting a rehab for methamphetamine use.

1. Behavioral Changes

One of the first signs of meth use is behavioral changes. Meth users transform into irritable, paranoid, anxious, potentially violent people.  

Meth works by forcing dopamine release in the brain, producing pleasurable euphoric effects. Over time, it forever damages these dopamine receptors. This means long-term meth users may never again experience pleasure naturally. It causes permanent mood changes.

2. Physical Signs

Most Americans are familiar with the undesirable changes in appearance caused by meth use. Meth mouth, body sores, and weight loss are very apparent. 

These signs can also be more subtle. Red eyes, burn marks, gum inflammation, and hair loss can also be indicators of meth use. 

3. Meth Paraphernalia

If you suspect a loved one of meth use, you can check for meth paraphernalia among their belongings. This can look like a glass pipe, small bags with white residue, needles, rolled-up cash, tourniquets, spoons, cans, or aluminum foil.

4. Poor Performance

Meth users will begin to exhibit poor performance at work or school. The mental and physical toll will make it impossible to live up to the same standards before the addiction began.

5. Avoiding Others

Meth users are nervous and paranoid. This causes them to avoid others, especially friends and family.

Meth users don’t want to alert others to their addiction as they may prevent them from chasing their next high.

6. Rush and Crash

When high, meth users experience a “rush.” This causes the hyperactivity meth users are known for. It makes them shaky and twitchy, talkative, restless, active, confused, paranoid, aggressive, and compulsive. 

As the high wears off, meth users crash. They may sleep for anywhere from three to ten days. They may also feel depressed as they experience dopamine depletion.

This cycle is highly indicative of meth use.

7. Meth Withdrawal

Meth withdrawal is colloquially known as “tweaking.” After the crash, meth users are desperate to experience the euphoria of the drug again. If they can’t, they will incessantly scratch themselves and may experience hallucinations and insomnia.

If you notice the signs of meth withdrawal in a loved one, you can visit Oasis Recovery Center for more info about treatment.

Finding a Rehab for Methamphetamine Use

If a loved one is using, it’s essential to contact a rehab for methamphetamine use as soon as possible. This drug remains in the body longer than other drugs, destroying brain cell synapses and permanently changing the brain chemistry of the user. It doesn’t take long for meth addiction to spiral out of control, ruining the addict’s mental health, physical health, and entire life. 

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