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So you’re a young guy. You have problems gaining muscle, you can’t even grow chin stubble, and you’re having problems with, errr, “down there.” What’s going on?

Aren’t all young men handsome, robust, strong, and bearded, with uncontrollable sex drives?

If this sounds like you, you could be suffering from low testosterone. Yes — this is an issue young men have as well as older men. And you’re not alone. Testosterone levels are declining in men, regardless of age and general health.

But is low T to blame? Or are you just unlucky in the skinny/hairless/no libido department?

Here are 7 signs of low testosterone in teenage males.

1. Fewer Erections

Men with erectile dysfunction and low T have a harder time achieving an erection and it overall affects their libido. This is why low T results in fewer erections.

Testosterone has a complex relationship with erections.

Testosterone affects the sex drive, sexual potency, and sexual energy more than the physical ability to gain an erection.

But testosterone is created in the testicles; when blood flows to the penis, testosterone levels also increase, resulting in an erection.

If you have fewer erections, low testosterone isn’t the only issue to blame. A myriad of physical issues can also result in fewer erections. This article explains the physical process of achieving an erection.

Mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, also affect the ability to sustain an erection.

The best way to know if your fewer erections is a symptom of low T is by asking your doctor.

Otherwise, ask yourself this: do you feel the need to have sex? Does sex still interest you? If so, your testosterone levels are probably fine.

But if sex is uninteresting or you just don’t have the desire to have sex, you could possibly blame low testosterone.

2. Difficulty Maintaining an Erection

Let’s say you’re a guy and you’re with a sexual partner. You’re into her and you achieved an erection, but now the erection is suddenly gone. You may be able to get an erection again, but you’re struggling to maintain it.

What’s happening? As stated previously, erections don’t have as much involvement in developing an erection as it does develop your sex drive and even reaching an orgasm.

If your erections are on and off, this could be caused by a declining sex drive or not enough testosterone to achieve an orgasm.

Other issues could still interfere. These include physical issues, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Erection issues could also stem from medications.

Your mental health also affects your sex life and your ability to develop and maintain an erection.

If none of these sounds like you, then you could have low T. But before taking any testosterone medication, always check with your doctor first.

3. Infertility

A young man should have a healthy sperm count. But infertility in young men can have a variety of reasons, low testosterone being one of them.

A healthy sperm count relies on healthy hormonal levels. That’s because sperm production is stimulated by other hormones. Low testosterone isn’t the only cause for a low sperm count; other hormones could be affecting your fertility.

If you’re a man trying to conceive, speak to your doctor. They can study your sperm levels, discover the cause of a potential low sperm count, and can recommend ways to increase them.

4. Reduced Muscle Mass

While all men have different body types, most men have healthy and robust muscle mass levels, especially in men who are physically active.

But do you notice your muscle mass is decreasing, even though you’re not making serious changes to your diet and lifestyle?

Testosterone plays a role in muscle development and growth. However, we’re not sure why. Theories suggest testosterone helps develop both type I and II muscle fibers.

However, there are also other suggestions and studies showing other possibilities.

5. Hair Loss

Sure, testosterone helps a man grow a full, healthy beard. But that patchy stubble on your face is likely the cause of genetics and not low testosterone.

But what if you did have a full beard and the beard suddenly disappears? What if your hair is thinning and you’re balding, even though you’re not 30 yet?

Your hair receptors are sensitive to the amount of testosterone in your system, but some men have more sensitive hair receptors than others. If this is the case, you can experience widespread hair loss.

6. Breasts Developing

Ah, the legendary “man boobs.” If you’re a guy and you’re developing breast, there can be several reasons.

First, you could be overweight. Fat is developing in the chest, causing a breast-like effect. But low testosterone, specifically hormonal imbalance, can cause male breast development even if you’re at a healthy weight.

Men also have the female hormone estrogen.

Estrogen is responsible for many functions of female reproduction and sex, one of which is breast development. If men have lower testosterone levels but high estrogen levels, they could form breasts.

In addition, being overweight can cause these hormonal imbalances.

7. Increased Body Fat

Almost 71% of men in the United States are overweight or obese.

Weight gain and increased body fat have many causes; eating unhealthy and staying inactive are the two main causes. Increased body fat can also be a symptom of physical and mental ailments and even certain medications.

But what if you’re a young guy who eats healthy, stays active, and are experiencing weight gain? If there are no medications or health issues you can name, low testosterone can be the culprit.

Low testosterone increases body fat in men. However, fat accumulation occurs in the mid-section, more than anywhere else on the body. In addition, weight gain naturally lowers testosterone levels.

Low Testosterone in Teenage Males Is Possible

Are you overweight, losing your hair, and have problems in bed? These sound like low testosterone symptoms.

But is low T only a problem older men face? Low testosterone in teenage males is possible. If you suspect your testosterone is decreasing, see your doctor.

Need more health advice? Continue reading our health section!

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