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Around the world, about 10% of the population has experienced some lower back pain. 

Lower back pain may seem like it isn’t that big of a deal, but if you suffer from chronic back pain, you know just how uncomfortable and debilitating it can be. 

Has your back ever been in pain? Did you know there are exercises that can help ease your pain?

Here are some of the best core exercises for a bad back.

1. Pelvic Tilts

The pelvic tilt is a great way to start mobilizing your lower back muscles and to help strengthen them. Your lower back pain may be caused by weak back muscles, so this could help strengthen them.

To do this, you need to lie down on your back. You should put a small pillow or cushion underneath your head.

Next, keep your feet hip-width on the floor while you bend your knees. Your feet should be placed on the floor for this.

Make sure that your upper body is nice and relaxed. Your chin should be tucked in toward your chest. 

Flatten your lower back onto the floor and strart contracting your stomach muscles. Start tilting your pelvis until you can feel your back muscles start to retract as well. After you do this, there should be a slight arch in your lower back. 

Put one hand on your stomach and another under your lower back to support it and make sure that you’re using the right muscles.

You should do this a few times, tilting your pelvis back and forth in a rotating pressure. 

2. Partial Crunches

In addition to finding the best chiropractic office and getting help for your back, you can also try doing some partial crunches. 

These workouts will strengthen your core and also your lower back, making it a great workout for people with back problems.

To do this workout, you will lie on the floor and bend your knees like you did with the last workout. 

You can put your arms either behind your head or crossed over your chest. Next, you will slowly start to raise your shoulders up off of the floor, toward your bent knees. 

Hold that position toward your knee for a second, and then lie back down on the ground. You can repeat this several times, but make sure you have the proper form so that you aren’t injuring your spine. 

3. Dead Bug

This exercise will help strengthen your core and back muscles as well. It will also help stabilize your spine while your arms and legs are moving. 

However, before you start this it’s important to note that you should not put an arch in your lower back while doing this one. By doing this, you could end up making your lower back muscles hurting more than they already do.

To do this, lie on your back with your arms and legs in the air. Your knees should be bent and directly over your hips.

Contract your stomach muscles, pressing your lower back into the floor. Once you’ve done that, lower one leg down so that your heel touches the floor. At the same time, you should also lower the opposite arm to the floor behind your head.

In that position, squeeze your core. Return your arms and legs to the starting position and do the other side. 

4. Bird Dog

This exercise is similar to the dead bug, but it has its own variation to it. 

To do this exercise, get on the ground on all fours. Your hands should be directly under your shoulder, and your knees should be right under your hips.

Your spine should be in a neutral position in line with your head. 

Take a deep breath and then extend one leg and the opposite arm out. This should also be in line with your spine. Make sure that your lower back doesn’t sag while you do this.

Hold the position for about ten seconds, making sure that you are still breathing. If you feel pain while doing this exercise, you are probably doing it wrong. 

5. Wall Sits

Wall sits have also been proven to help with lower back pain. This can be a good way to loosen the muscles that may be causing some of that pain.

To do a wall sit, stand with your back facing the wall. You should be about 10 to 12 inches away from the wall, but you may need to get closer to it.

Slowly, make sure you lean your spine into the wall. The wall should be supporting your spine and there should be no arch at all.

Next, you can slide down the wall until your knees are bent, making it look and feel like you are sitting in an imaginary chair. Once you’re in this position, press your lower back into the wall to make sure there is no arch.

Count to 10, hold the position, and then slowly slide back up the wall.

6. Band W

If your lower back pain hurts from bad posture, you could try this exercise.

To do this, stand tall and get a resistance band. Hold the band shoulder-width apart with your hands in front of your chest and at shoulder height. Your elbows should be pointed toward the floor.

Next, slowly start to pull the band apart, making your arms make a W shape. Hold this for about five seconds, and then slowly go back to the starting position.

7. Knee to Chest

Lastly, this workout will help use your legs to ease some of the back pain.

Lie on your back again, bending your knees with your feet on your floor. 

Pull your right knee up to your chest, keeping your left foot flat on the floor. Hold this position for about fifteen seconds and then lower it back to the starting position.

From there, do the other leg. 

Use These Best Core Exercises for a Bad Back Today!

These are some of the best core exercises for a bad back.

After doing a few of these, you should start to feel some relief in your lower back.  Making sure your exercise and workout is always important to your health.

If you enjoyed this article, make sure that you check out some of our other blog posts to keep you active and healthy!

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