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Flu season is quickly approaching while the world is still dealing with COVID 19. This makes the upcoming flu season more complicated than ever. 

Since the symptoms for the flu and COVID 19 are similar, a sore throat can be a stressful occurrence that results in an emergency room visit for what turns out the be the flu. Thankfully, the flu has been around long enough for everyone to know how to prevent getting it. By following a few tips, you can make it through the season unscathed. 

If you are wondering how to prevent flu, here are several ways you can. 

1. Get a Flu Shot

A great tip for how to prevent the flu is to get a flu shot. By getting a shot, you are creating antibodies that will protect against viruses and infections. A flu shot is one of the best ways to prevent flu.

2. Wash Your Hands

One of the best tips for how to prevent the stomach flu is to wash your hands with soap and warm water. This will get rid of the germs you pick up by touching surfaces in your day-to-day. You should be washing your hands all over for about 20 seconds. 

3. Keep Your Distance

While the world is using social distancing to slow the spread of COVID 19, keeping your distance can also help prevent the flu. Stay about 6 feet from people, especially if they have flu-like symptoms. 6 feet is far enough to avoid the tiny droplets of oral fluid that are released by talking, sneezing, or coughing. 

4. Clean and Disinfect Frequently

Clean and disinfect hard surfaces frequently. You should be doing this in your home, at your office, and at any other place you go. Cleaning the hard surfaces will reduce your risk of picking up germs when touching these surfaces.

5. Don’t Touch Your Face

While you should be washing your hands throughout the day, it’s impossible to have germ-free hands at all times. For this reason, you should avoid touching your face. Touching your face with germy hands will transfer viruses to the mucosal membranes in your nose, mouth, and eyes, which will result in your getting sick. 

6. Wear a Face Mask

If COVID 19 has taught us anything, it’s that you can slow the spread of infections by wearing a mask. Wear a face mask for sickness to protect yourself from the flu. Your face mask is just another layer of protection against those tiny droplets of oral fluid from the people around you. 

Follow These Tips to Prevent Flu

By following these tips, you can prevent flu and stay healthy during flu season. 

Master the basics by washing your hands, keeping your distance, keeping your hands away from your face, and wearing a mask. You should also clean and disinfect the surfaces of your home and office frequently. Get a flu shot to create antibodies that will help you stay as healthy as possible.

Take these precautions and you’ll be safe from both the flu and COVID 19.   

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